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Biomancy Vision - My Year Out of Time

I wanted to share with you the gestation and origins of Biomancy, and the node point when the seed burst open and sprouted into the light.

Biomancy came through in what I call my “Year Out of Time” in 2019 - when I left man-made time for an organic immersion. For an entire year I did not have a website, I was not on social media, I did not travel anywhere by airplane. I localized, I ancestralized, I rooted.

Time slowed down, and I entered the “organic time” of Gaian magic. For years I had been slowly working to regenerate the soil in our garden, and in this year of magic I spent every day barefoot, with the elements, under the sunlight, my hands in the soil, surrounded by plants, growing my own food, and taking pilgrimages to cold plunge in the river.

It was life-changing. I dropped out of man-made time and into the field of Green Magic, an immersive ecological consciousness. I felt myself transforming into the “Green Man” and the archetypal energy of the Gardener that collaborates with the magic of the earth to grow new nourishment and new realities. This shift was brought on by the spirit of our gestating daughter, who we conceived in February of 2019.

I was humbled and touched by the miracle of pregnancy. I planted a flower garden for Seren that bloomed in the height of her second trimester. An old peach tree flowered and fruited for the first time in seven years as if in sympathetic magic. I was in awe of how Seren received dreams from her body that told her what she needed to eat. In the dreamtime, matriarchs from her childhood came offering a cup of hot chocolate, or stood smiling in front of shops with butchered meat, guiding her to the nutrition her body and our daughter needed in different moments.

I spent my days listening and talking to the plants and trees on the land. Dandelion, nettle, oak, reishi, mugwort and many other “wild ones” taught me the beauty of the biomantic art of “plant eucharists”, where we open to quantumly entangle with the living spirit of the plant as we ingest it into our body. Mother Amanita also called, as our daughter, still nestled in the womb, reminded us that beyond fairytales there existed a living lineage and tradition waiting and wanting to be re-discovered. A path of Plant Mediumship, courtship and relational magic were emerging.

The essence of our daughter’s (and Earth’s) message for me was to begin distilling my 30 years study and practice of healing, science, alchemy, nature wilding, magic and mystery teachings into an integrated and unified world of eco-magical education and initiatory experiences for future generations to participate in—in essence, she wanted us to build her a real-life “Green” Hogwarts, to help birth a new paradigm of wisdom.

Around that same time, I had a “big dream”, a prophetic dream that moved me to my core, the kind that you can feel in your body is 100% true. In it I witnessed children of the future practicing a collaborative magic together in pairs, facing each other with synchronized hand movements, smiling and laughing the whole time. They were light-heartedly playing games with what we might call “yogic siddhis”, bending space and time with ease. Meanwhile, the forest, trees and grasses were overgrowing the old concrete buildings of New York, dissolving the city back to green.

This dream became a visionary bridge into the strange world of 2020, where once more, I was wedded to the land, to the seasons, to the slow turning of day and night, guided by birdsong and calendars of flowers, “locked down” from the modern world, this time holding my beautiful baby daughter, meeting the world with her wide eyes. And then, as if someone pushed “go” man-made time started again, faster than ever.

From this alchemy emerged a new word, it came to us from the Dreaming of Gaia….BIOMANCY – the oracular magic of life, the voice of of earth, of creation.

“Bio means "life" or "the living organic world" in old Greek, and mantic means "inspired, oracular, magical, divination" - it refers to wisdom that is received from a deity or divine source. Biomancy is the wisdom received from the Voice of Earth.

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Many cultures hold Earth and the intelligence of life as sacred. So in aspects it resonates with ideas from ancient wisdom such as animism, paganism, witchcraft, shamanism, mysticism, yoga, but it is also fundamentally different. It liberates us from the past, whilst weaving the essential thread into the future, with new energy, and new vision.

We called this essence of Biomancy “Rooting into the Future” and “Restoring Connection”.  It is beyond religion or spirituality, it is located in biology, ecology, cosmology, and the very real and very magic pathways of our physical body and earth mother, as a bio-magical ecosystem. It weaves ancient wisdom with modern science.

I knew that we needed to remember our Ancestral Alchemy again, not just healing the pain points, but redeeming the treasures, the legacy, the gifts we inherit that live inside us, waiting for us to say YES to their magic. This ancient wisdom wanted to be reborn for modern times, to be taught in modern magic schools, where we could celebrate and honor the past, without identifying with all the labels that disguise how unified we are.

It was time for a visionary merging of the feminine worlds of intuition, instinct, deep body gnosis with the masculine perspective of science, practice and technique.

Our somatic healing cannot be separated from our ecological healing, or coming into balance with the whole.

Our bodies and our lives are not operating in isolation – we are relational beings who are entwined into a magical, interdependent world.

This is the spirit of Biomancy University. It is seeded to us by the children of the future, and it’s our sacred task to prepare the way for them. What they achieve with their magic will boggle our minds, but we must create the container that holds them.

Biomancy is for those of you who feel this new vision in your bones, in your dreams, in your heart. Who feel estranged from the modern healing modality of mainstream medicine, and even alternative spirituality and modern trauma healing at times. It’s as if the future is whispering us back onto the green paths of life. You feel it, and it can be hard to explain and articulate your intuition and knowing. Biomancy is here to give you words, structure, support, tools, trust.

The most consistent feedback we have received is that Biomancy University and the work is a total “homecoming” for people. It’s such a relief.

In all my many studies and travels, with an education that has cost over half a million dollars and has taken me to the highest echelons of medicine and healing, the magic of earth has always called me back down, back home, back into the body, back into connection and relationship. There is a kinship of reconnection calling us. In magic it is called vinculum – the agent that binds or ties us together. We can also simply call it love. But this love is vast, diverse, complex as it embodies into form, and it is time we discover the magic inside our bodies and our ecology.

One of the defining arts that we work with in Biomancy University is the alchemy of Templates – primordial, coherent, harmonic structures that have form, sound, frequency, signature personality, and transmit a blueprint that the quantum realm converts into the living realities that form our world.

A new Template is emerging right now – can you feel it?

For those of you who are called, it is time to align with this new template, this new story, this new magic.

We need to learn the non-human languages, and how to speak in sunlight codes, and to give relationship counselling to our organs, to be in reverence to our Mitochondria, as an ancient mother, to meet our DNA not as a junk stream, but as a living library with a vital message for now.

During my magical time of emergence, connecting into this new template that is inviting us to embody and inhabit it, Seren and I discovered a modern magic book we loved, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, and listened to the audio books together on quiet nights, as the baby slept.

Sometimes the most real and transformational magic is hidden in story books, fairytales and myths, waiting to be reborn at the right time:

“But when the fairy sang the whole world listened to him. Stephen felt clouds pause in their passing; he felt sleeping hills shift and murmur; he felt cold mists dance. He understood for the first time that the world is not dumb at all, but merely waiting for someone to speak to it in a language it understands. In the fairy’s song the earth recognized the names by which it called itself.”

“There is nothing else in magic but the wild thought of the bird as it casts itself into the void. There is no creature upon the earth with such potential for magic. Even the least of them may fly straight out of this world and come by chance to the Other Lands. Where does the wind come from that blows upon your face, that fans the pages of your book? Where the harum-scarum magic of small wild creatures meets the magic of Man, where the language of the wind and the rain and the trees can be understood, there we will find the Raven King.”

― Susanna Clarke, quotes from Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell