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Dr Azra Bertrand

Dr. Azra Bertrand is an award-winning author, physician, and visionary wisdom-keeper of the ancient traditions of Sophia (living earth wisdom), rebirthed for a modern age. This sacred philosophy unites biology, ecology and cosmology into a perennial stream of holistic wisdom to bring healing and balance to our world. His vision is expressed in the intersecting disciplines of Ecomancy™ and Biomancy™.

Study Biomancy 2021

A new work called Biomancy is emerging into the world, which is a beautiful and powerful synthesis of Dr Azra Bertrand’s 20+ years experience in the scientific, healing and mystical realms. Biomancy is the way of the future; where we reclaim the powerful biological magic within our bodies, our psyches and our ecology, to reweave the worlds of potential that have become separated and fragmented. Biomancy integrates the forbidden knowledge of the high scientists, magicians and alchemists, with the embodied feminine essence, as it flows through all of us, when we truly switch on and come alive to our organic power.

This year Dr Bertrand is calling for those who know they wish to be part of a renewing ancient knowledge that merges scientific knowledge with feminine knowing, to birth new oracles.

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Biomancy Online Immersion
$350 (USD)

5 Weeks of 2 hour Zoom Workshops
(10 hours of tuition)
5 Sundays in July/August
– July 25th, August 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd

Download PDF below for more details:

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