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Biomancy Immersion Prospectus

The Biomancy Immersion program starts November 1st, 2024.
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In your heart, you have probably always known you were destined for magic school.

Well, here it is. The wheels are in motion for a new way of seeing, feeling and understanding the world.

Everything we have been taught is far from the full truth, Biomancy is a visionary alchemical education:

It's time to remember the wild truth: Every person's body is made of magical healing and intuitive powers, and all living things are connected and entangled, and our bodies work through quantum biomagic.

By registering for this journey, you have told the Universe you are READY! 

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Biomancy is the homecoming your heart longs for. 

Biomancy is a new, but ancient-rooted, natural philosophy and healing modality that gives visionary tools and language to understand on a deeper level the true nature of reality, and the quantum energy that manifests inside your body - and earth. 

In a wisdom-packed dive into the hidden secrets of bio-magic and alchemy, you will discover the gifts of your intuitive, oracular body consciousness, enter new doorways into plant magic, and discover embodied ecology. You will be guided into a deeper connection with your life force in tune with earth’s resonance. 

Biomancy is the Medicine For Our Times

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Bio from Greek, meaning: Life;

Mancy or Mantic, from a Greek origin meaning "Oracle or Divination", one who divines, a seer or magician, someone who receives intuitive messages.

Biology is the science of life.

Biomancy is the secret of the magic of life.

Biomancy Immersion is a 6-month foundation self-study course that covers the core concepts of Biomancy as a healing path. It gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace from a library of materials in a beautifully curated Student Portal, and to receive 50+ hours of pre-recorded workshops with Dr Azra Bertrand on a variety of cutting-edge topics on alchemical science, magic, healing and the powerful wisdom of ecomagic and biomagic. This alchemical immersion into embodiment will reveal the secrets of the universe – both inner and outer, from the quantum level to the cosmic level. You will immerse in the sacred sciences of sound, primordial templates, quantum biology, and healing. 

You will also receive a daily biomantic embodiment practice to support and anchor your biomagical education, to give you a felt sense of the healing powers of Biomancy. If you complete each module you will also receive a certificate of completion to recognize your studies at the end of the year. 

This study option is for those who want to dive into the world of Biomancy, be inspired by a visionary curriculum, learn life-changing wisdom in a self-paced format with an online community for support and connection.

What is Biomancy?


The practice of awakening our body's magic in tune with the Earth's magic. A very real, biological practice and also very spiritual and metaphysical.


Biomancy is a path of healing that is applied in a practical way to our lives, in communion with our body and psychology, and the place where we live, our planet Earth, and our communities.


Connect to your soul's true potential and inner knowing to experience a communion with an embodied magic that is scientifically real and will transform you. 

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Study Biomancy

To perceive the world from a perspective where the scientific merges with mystical magic.

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In many ancient traditions, shamans and mystics were also scientists. This was an embodied science revealing the magical world of nature, and the underlying quantum field, which opens up with the deep practice of observing our bodies and observing nature and the cosmos, and listening to the hidden messages.


Our reality is unified, our psyche, body, environment, ecology and cosmology are completely connected with our innate human potential. We are entangled with all of creation.

Biomancy is Calling You to:

  • Fully embody your radiant life force energy
  • Rebirth yourself through elemental wisdom
  • Heal through your innate regenerative power within
  • Become an alchemical healer for yourself & others
  • Receive scientific knowledge to support your path
  • Reconnect to your intuitive body wisdom
  • Develop your magical senses & psychic abilities
  • Activate your energy body and connect it to Gaia
  • Understand embodied ecology & plant magic
  • Commune with the cycles of body, earth, cosmos
  • Become an Earth Oracle for Biomantic Wisdom

Praise for Biomancy

"I believe Biomancy is at the forefront of the future of Science and Bio-Magic, and I want to be there for it! The work and wisdom of Dr. Azra Bertrand is brilliant, he holds a beautiful container for these sacred teachings. He bridges science and mysticism so eloquently, truly unique. Biomancy gives me hope for the future.” 

Gloria, Filmmaker, India & USA

The Biomancy Immersion Foundation Course includes:

  • 6 magical months in the Biomancy Universe
  • A guided curriculum for your self-study
  • A beautiful Student Portal to access your studies
  • 50+ hours of pre-recorded Classes
  • An Alchemist’s library of resources
  • Core teachings of Biomancy
  • Alchemica Sophia Lineage
  • Planetary Womb Consciousness
  • Membership of the Great Weave community
  • Written materials for you to print and keep
  • Daily biomantic embodiment practice
  • A certificate of completion if you finish

Your Embodiment Practice:

The Earth Magic of the Sola - Terra sequence

Sola = Sun (solar radiance) 

Terra = Earth (earth magnetism)


Sola-Terra Alchemy = a magical balance of earth and cosmic energy in your body. Connecting with the earth’s magnetic field and the sun’s energy rays has profound benefits.

Not only does it make you feel more spiritually connected and regulate your nervous system, it also has surprising benefits documented by science like weight loss and reduction in inflammation. On a metaphysical level it also plugs you into the new Earth/Cosmic codes.

You will receive video instruction from Dr Azra Bertrand that forms the Sola-Terra Sequence, and over the 6-months you will build and amplify your connection in to the full sequence. Once learned, you can establish this as your ongoing daily biomantic practice.

Praise for Biomancy

"The Biomancy Immersion was an answer to my prayers. It felt as if I was arriving home the minute Dr. Azra Bertrand opened the first class. This course spoke the language of my soul's longings and has helped me to integrate my former experience as a crisis counselor working with adolescents along with all the ancient wisdom teachings I have been learning the past several years. Biomancy went straight to the root, as well as upward and outward to the branches of our tree of life. It initiated a feeling of belonging to the cosmic web of life. I am eternally grateful for the teachings as well as the vulnerable sharing of all the other members. I highly recommend this course to anyone who loves nature and knows that there is so much more to know about ourselves and the natural world all around us.”

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Biomancy Immersion

$300 deposit
12 monthly payments of $95

Full refund available within 14 days, minus bank fees. After that payments are non-refundable, but can be transferred to future courses. See terms.

About Biomancy University

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Weaving together over 25 years experience in the alchemical sciences and feminine wisdom traditions, Dr Azra Bertrand MD, founder of Biomancy, shares a precise map of alchemical embodiment, to activate and awaken the dynamic radiance of Biomancy – the embodiment of the primal-cosmic life force that animates all living things, making us fully alive and ensouled. 

An award-winning author, teacher, healer and visionary natural philosopher, Dr Bertrand offers a new vision of cellular and spiritual renewal based on the secret teachings of biomagical wisdom, presented through the teaching curriculum of  Biomancy University. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

5 hours

All teachings are on pre-recorded workshops

20 minutes 

Yes - held on the Great Weave a boutique de-centralized platform curated by Biomancy University

Yes you will be given a certificate of completion if you finish all modules by the end of the 6 months 

If you have a question that has not been answered please email me at [email protected]