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Download your free, color 50+ page Biomancy University 1-Year Diploma Prospectus to discover the bio-eco-magic waiting for you in this in-depth, inspirational curriculum.

The Biomancy Diploma certificate program starts May 1st, 2024. You can study live time or follow on replays. 

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Are you ready to enter the magical universe of Biomancy and the path of organic wisdom? This 1-year diploma will gift you a world-class education that merges science, embodiment, trauma healing, and awakening with the ancient traditions of magic, alchemy and earth wisdom, upgrading your life and vocation, so you can be an evolutionary change-maker for these times.

Biomancy is a scholar-practitioner path that will connect you to a global community with a shared vision, grant you a certificate of education and transform your life. You will learn how to apply a biomantic approach to all aspects of your work and being. Now is the time to learn about the secrets of true bio-magic, embody it, and share your wisdom with the world.

The Biomancy Diploma Container

Enter the Biomancy Universe for 12 life-changing months 

Awakening Body Magic
(3 months)

Restoring your life force power and energy (biomagic, biomantic energy, biology)

Awakening Earth Magic
(3 months)

Reconnecting to earth, plants, elements (ecomagic, ecomantic energy, ecology)

Great Weave -
Biomancy Community
(12 months)

Connecting with a global community and monthly live online workshops (support & connection)

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Biomancy University is a visionary education that weaves ancient knowledge, modern science, holistic biology and ecology, with magic and alchemy, and the biognosis and ecognosis that resides in our bodies, in the earth, the plants, the sun, the stars, the elements. During your diploma you will learn to weave together the masculine worlds of understanding, information and knowledge with the feminine arts of intuition, mystery and embodiment. 

This type of education has been practiced for thousands of years, notably in wisdom colleges across ancient Europe, and around the world, where “Wisdom” was considered the highest achievement and was a synthesis of personal mystical initiation and gnosis with practical embodied knowledge and alchemical scientific wisdom and philosophy.

Not only will you reconnect with your true nature and the sacred reality of the nature that surrounds you, you will also take an incredible journey into "the mind inside nature" – a secret, invisible, but very real world of the energetic and vibrational templates that form all of creation. You will also discover the secret regenerative magic inside your own body.

The diploma is designed for serious practitioners and teachers of the healing arts and the transformational path of awakening, from medical doctors to massage therapists, healers, yoga teachers and more.

It will ground you into a new vision of bio-magic, give you a new language of communication, and connect you with lineages of wisdom and practice from the alchemical schools of wisdom.

You will also learn the basics of anatomy, regenerative medicine, breathwork, movement, body work from a biomantic lens, in ways you can integrate with your visionary, psychic intuition, and apply in your own work.

Most importantly, you will enter a magical new universe, a visionary container to support your own growth and understanding, and give you the tools to apply to your life and your work, raising your vision and vocation to the next level. 

Biomancy University Mandala

  • Alchemy & New Science
  • Quantum Magic & Bioenergetics
  • Embodiment & Healing
  • Certification & Vocation
  • Daily Practice & Deep Wisdom

Praise for Biomancy

"The course felt deeply magical in a very real and embodied way. Dr.Azra Bertrand is able to teach in a way that lights up your whole body with cellular understanding. The course, the journey practices, and the information shared really felt like the edge of cutting-edge. This is a real modern mystery school and I cannot recommend these teachings and courses highly enough."

Biomancy 1-Year Diploma

What you'll receive in this diploma of education

  • 7 Live Workshops with Dr Azra Bertrand
  • 18 live Workshops with Lead Teachers
  • 50+ Hours of pre-recorded Classes
  • Alchemists library of key teachings
  • Written core curriculum to print and keep
  • Group mentoring to integrate your journey
  • Embodiment of the Biomantic Principles
  • Regenerative body maps for healing
  • Daily personal biomantic practice
  • Daily personal ecomantic practice
  • Plant Mystery School initiation
  • Elemental Rebirth Ceremony
  • Biomancy Immersion Foundation course
  • Connection to a global community
Biomancy: Bio + Magic = The Magic of Life

Biomancy Diploma will take you on a journey into the magic of life, and the scientific and alchemical principles that underpin our reality, from sound alchemy, holonomic templates, micro blackholes, to spiral energy maps and biomantic chakras, plant magic, elemental embodiment and trauma healing. 

You will learn how your voice, your breath, your body, your energy, your consciousness, your creativity, your relational intelligence and ancestral wisdom are part of your embodied magic that connects you with ecosystems of earth and the cosmos, and that weaves you into a vast quantum field of miracles.

Your Biomancy Toolbox

Learn skills you can apply to your life and work

Learn a biomantic approach you can apply to:

  • Your vocation as a healer or teacher
  • Your vocation as a body-worker or therapist
  • Your vocation as a doctor, nurse or health educator
  • Your creative life as a visionary and change-maker
  • Your activism as an advocate for earth consciousness

Embody a biomantic world where you develop:

  • Your personal sense of connection to your body
  • Your personal sense of connection to your spirit
  • Your personal sense of connection to the Earth
  • Your personal sense of connection to the Cosmos
  • Your connection to your intuition and inner guidance
  • Your psychic skills as an oracle for a renewed future
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Your Biomancy Practice

Your studies will include these healing arts

Biomantic Breathwork – open the subtle energy fields, clear trauma, awaken life force

Biomantic Movement – moving from the deep body intelligence to awaken energy

Biomantic relating – open into an authentic, natural way of restoring connection

Biomantic dreampaths – opening into subtle and psychic energy realm communication

Biomantic Bodywork – Allowing the body to heal with its inner biologic currents

Biomantic Body Maps – embodying linear, spherical, cruciform and spiral energy systems that are designed to open a portal of quantum healing

Your Ecomantic Practice

Learn how to connect to earth magic

Sola-Terra Sequence – merging the magnetic earth energy with cosmic solar energy

Wheel of the Day – embodying the endocrine alchemy of circadian rhythms

Wheel of the Year – embodying the time weaving magic of solar/celestial rhythms

Plant Magic – receiving and embodying the biomantic intelligence of the plant world

Elemental Alchemy – speaking in the non-human language and song of nature

Quantum Communion – connecting your inner Earth Star to the Stella Natura of Earth so you are centered and connected to eco/biomagic

Your Embodiment

An education that will land inside your body

Listening – how to practice biomantic attunement with:

  • Your body
  • Your feelings
  • Your ancestors 
  • Your psyche
  • Mother earth
  • Plants spirits
  • Your community 
  • Your clients
  • Your relationships

Language – how to share the biomantic experience:

  • How to bring language to your own inner experience
  • How to communicate with non-human worlds
  • How to communicate with the world/media 
  • How to communicate with clients/students

Learning how to integrate core biomantic principles:

  • Understand the principle of quantum body magic
  • Understand the principle of biomantic trauma healing 
  • Understand biomantic regulation of the nervous system
  • Understand biomantic alignment, physiology and anatomy
  • Understand biomantic somatic cerebellar consciousness
  • Understand plant intelligence and biomantic ecology

Your Biomancy Lineage

Meet the wisdom keepers of biologic

Lineage discover a rich thread of traditions to support you

  • Willhelm Reich and body-centered healing
  • Carl Jung and mystical, archetypal awakening
  • European Alchemists, Spirit Keepers & Druids
  • Plant Keepers, Healers, Faerie and Forest folk
  • Rose lineage of Mary Magdalene & Sophia
  • The shamanic global traditions of biomagic

Starts May 2024

Your Curriculum

12 months inside the Biomancy University
(May 2024 - May 2025) 

6 months of advanced biomantic study
(May 2024 - October 2025)

6 months of integration study inside the Great Weave
(October 2024 - May 2025) 

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Biomancy - Awakening Body Magic - May - June 2024

Ecomancy - Awakening Earth Magic - July - September 2024

Plant Mystery School Initiation - September 2024

Rebirth Ceremony-Womb of the Earth - October 2024

Praise for Biomancy

"Learning from the wisdom of Dr. Azra Bertrand has transformed my life. The alchemy of Biomancy activated parts of me that felt stagnant and awakened the field of love in my body once again. The embodiment practices of connecting back to Gaia Sophia has brought my body back to life force energy. I feel like a tree of life receiving downloads from the Sun and uploads from the Earth, channeling ancient wisdom. Once this magic is activated there’s no turning back!" 

Evamaria, Health Coach

Biomancy: Rooting Into The Future

Biomancy as an art and science has come directly from the soul and bioenergy field of Gaia, our mother planet. It has been transmitting over years, often shared directly through inspiration, intuition and "big dreams" received from the world soul, that reveal an emerging wisdom. 

The Biomancy vision emerged as a direct result of an unfolding communion with the heart of Gaia. Earth wishes for us to reconnect to our bodies and to her, and to understand our place in her world. We are in an unprecedented time of shifts and our body knows the way. Life's sacred essence is awakening.

The Biomancy work is led by Dr Azra Bertrand, but has been co-visioned with Seren Bertrand, with roots deep in the feminine mysteries of Sophia, including Earth-centered body maps, and the arts of feminine body magic.

The Biomancy vision is "Rooted into the Future" – it includes many aspects of ancient ways and titles: shamanism, wizards, witches, druids, seers, alchemists, priestesses, while renewing these old traditions and placing them firmly in the present-future where we now have to walk wisely. 

It is time to bridge into a new future.

A Biomancer has embodied their bio-magic, amplified their oracular psychic powers, and opened their quantum biology. Biomancy is open to all people, from all traditions, and is our evolutionary human birthright. This is the medicine of the future.

Never has there been a better time to understand and initiate our inner powers of magic!

Dr Azra Bertrand

Founding Director, Biomancy University

Dr. Azra Bertrand is a multi-award winning author, healer, teacher and mystic, renowned for his visionary merging of sacred science, myth and cosmology. 

He holds a degree in research biochemistry, as well as a doctorate from the Duke University School of Medicine

Biomancy University Lead Teachers

Biomancy - Awakening Body Magic

Anabel Vizcarra

Embodiment Magic

Anabel is an embodiment coach and IxCacao Ancestral Spirit Keeper, focused on reclaiming the power of feminine energetics and weaving shadow work with quantum genetic healing and awakening.

Natalie Zukerman

Healing Magic

Natalie is the founder of the Institute of Feminine Arts, a global online school of feminine empowerment, who has travelled the world studying indigenous shamanic healing arts.

Ecomancy - Awakening Earth Magic

Linda Go

Plant Magic

Linda is a certified shamanic death doula trainer, sound healer and green witch who was a leader in the plant spirit medicine movement for years, and apprenticed for 9 years with the Huichols of San Andreas.

Deborah Stanley

Earth Magic

Deborah is the founder of Deva Pathways, dedicated to the healing arts of elemental embodiment. She lived off grid in yurts for a decade and wild birthed her two children.

Jade Bertaud

Ancestral Alchemist

Jade is an Embodiment Alchemist and Feminine Mysteries guide, as well as a teacher and practitioner of Ancestral Alchemy. She is passionate about weaving mystical awakening and practical embodiment.

Maria Angel Costa, MD

Dance & Movement Alchemist

Maria Angel is a dance alchemist who has studied and practiced movement as a mystical healing art for decades, including Biodanza, Sufi Dance, Flamenco and Odissi. She is also a practitioner of the Alchemical Feminine Arts of beauty ritual as a method of body magic, healing and transformation.

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Biomancy Diploma –
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Before the course begins, full refunds are available within 7 days of purchase, minus bank fees. After 7 days, or after the course begins, payments are non-refundable, but can be transferred to future courses. See terms.

Please note that Biomancy University is a holistic education rooted in spiritual and healing wisdom and is not accredited by mainstream bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

12 hours a month for the 6 months of advanced study 

1 teaching workshop with Dr Bertrand, May - Nov
3 embodiment workshops with Lead Teachers, May - Nov

20 minutes 


There are 6 months of advanced study from May - October 2024, with 1 live workshop/week, and then 6 months of self-paced learning inside Biomancy University, until May 2025, with time to catch up at your own pace on any classes or materials you may have missed.

Yes - held on the Great Weave a boutique de-centralized social platform curated by Biomancy University

Yes you will be given a Diploma certificate if you complete all modules by the end of the 12 months 

If you have a question that has not been answered please email me at [email protected]