I'll be sharing my latest ideas, visions and research with you through my essays. I want this to be a free resource for you to learn more about your magical potentials, and the work and ideas of the Biomancy Universe. Essays are shared in written and audio form.

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Biomancy - Our Future

What is Biomancy? Why is Quantum Biology so important right now? Read this essay to dive into the mysteries of your own body as a multidimensional portal of magic, and how to become an oracle of the vast intelligence of nature and enter super flow states.

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Biodelics – Awakening the Psychedelic Magic In Our Bodies

There is a revolution in the healing world, that will affect everyone....
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Biomantic Awakening

It's time for a quantum shift in our approach to healing and awakening, to include biomagic
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Winter Solstice – Alchemies of Darkness

Alchemical Darkness transports us into a biology of dreaming and renewal
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Elemental Rebirth & Maternal DNA

We are shaped by maternal genetics in the womb. But we can shapeshift our genes…
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Equinox – The Alchemies of Light

The Alchemy of Light has a profound effect on our biology and state of consciousness
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Biomancy and Trauma Healing

Why trauma healing with a biomantic perspective can shift stuck trauma patterns...

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