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Healing With Time Magic

Our biology is structured in time, not just space. We are time beings. Our biology is time-coded. This is what we need to know to heal.

Time shapes everything about our experience on earth. It brings us into this world, and it takes us out of this world. Time was a primordial deity of our ancestors. It is time that we reawaken their prayers, and call upon Lady Saturn, Lady Chronos—the lost feminine Titans of Time. And, their daughter of Memory, Mnemosyne. And, their granddaughters Nine. So, we can be guided into the spiral flow of time, where future and past meet again.  

It’s a couple of days before spring equinox and we are already in the time portal. I am guiding nearly 1000 people on a biomantic journey into a time-entangled equinox 5,000 years ago in Ireland. As the first rays of the morning sun arc over the horizon and alight on my pineal gland, my DNA bursts into transcriptive flower. My epigenetics are alive, buzzing, humming like bees, reshaping themselves to this song of the ancient sunlight. My whole body pulses and tingles. I sense the same happening with the others on this shared journey. We are chrononauts, surfing and navigating the sea of time.

Meanwhile another memory flashes into my awareness, a scene from the film Arrival, when the heptapods teach Louise their symbolic language, allowing her to communicate with the future. Because at that moment what the ancient Irish sun is telling me is that the equinox magic is about more than sunlight. This magic is also about time. Not as an abstraction of science, but as a living intelligence that structures and holds all of life.

Time is not a theory. Or an equation. It is certainly not an illusion. It is a womb. Ancient mystics, such as the Sufis and druids, once knew this.

I can feel our Ancestors now, in spirals around us, humming gently, a sound that is travelling across timewaves branched out like neural dendrites.

Looking through our cultural eyes, the sun dominates the sky and our “daylight reality”. The sun’s energy powers all life on this planet. You can understand why the ancient Aztecs, Egyptians and many others equated this heavenly ball of fire with the supreme deity. But what the older, feminine cosmologies teach us is that the vast, dark, yin womb, called Time, was the mother of the stars, including the sun, and is the midwife of life, death and transformation. She was known by many names, including Kal, Kali, Saturn, Chronos.1 Chronos is the name of the ancient Greek titan (god) of time. “His” roman name is Saturn. But, as we have written in other works, there is good reason to believe that before the era of the patriarchal religions, “he” was once a “she”—Lady Saturn.

Time was once a Goddess. But how often do we think of time as sacred now?

On an everyday level we always talk about “having the time and energy” for things, pointing to a hidden truth that we measure and shape our lives by both energy and time. Energy gets a lot of airspace. Everyone is working on ways to boost their energy, work with their energy. We have “energy healers” who are growing in numbers by the year. But, no one really mentions time. We don’t go to “time healers”—yet. Although, you might say that’s what the magicians and shamans of old did to heal people, they went into dimensions of Time to work an old, old magic.

Indeed, even trauma healing, at its root, is a form of time-healing, time-traveling, working with the mysteries of memory and locations in time.

One of the visions I have committed myself to is bringing together the worlds of magic and the mechanics of science. Because I believe the overlap is stunning. Magic is just a different language for the same knowledge that science brings, a different way of describing or working with our core reality. Magical cultures “ensoul” deep science in a kind of metaphysical myth and theatre that speaks to the non-linear dreaming mind. This aspect of our consciousness is the Mother Mind, and grasps a reality our thinking mind is too small to see, let alone comprehend.


Chronobiology: Our Biology is Time-Coded


Time Magic is the missing piece in our healing journey. No one is talking about the critical role of time in health, wellbeing and awakening. It seems that the only people really sharing about the mysteries of time in a meaningful way are a handful of science fiction writers, and the quantum and high gravity physicists who inspire them. So, our movies are full of time magic, but we relegate it to the realms of “fantasy”.

But time’s secrets are very real. Astoundingly close. Right inside us. They are written within the body—our body is a manuscript of time.

Chronobiology exists inside the realm of Time Magic. Our ancestors worshipped time, they followed cycles, seasons, greeted dawns, prayed at dusk. There is a reason for this. The defining feature of our biology that is rarely mentioned is chronobiology. We have a time-coded biology. Every process in our body is guided by time – from our digestion, to our hormones, to growth and ageing, to the blood pulsing around our body to a beat.


“Time Magic is the missing piece in our healing journey. Our body is made of time. Every one of our 50 trillion cells has its own biological clock, along with each of our organs, as well as our body as a whole. A full 80% of our genes respond to the circadian cycles of sunlight and darkness.”


The day-night cycle is like a puppet master to our body. And, this reality extends far beyond the human world—nearly every living cell on the planet is fundamentally oriented around the rhythms of light and dark. Our ecology and cosmology are also time-coded. Everything in nature also moves to the measures of bio-clocks, in complex cycles.

We are living inside time spirals. Guiding and in-forming every aspect of our being are the cycles of light and dark, winter-summer cycles, lunar cycles, planetary cycles, zodiac cycles and life cycles. As a scientific discipline, chronobiology has exploded in prominence in recent years, with peer-reviewed research articles now numbering in the tens of thousands, and with half of those papers having been written in the last seven years.

Your chronobiology is guiding every moment of your life. When you open your eyes in the morning, the sunlight hits your retina and is relayed to the master time-keeping center of your deep brain, your suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), which translates the codes of light into the language of your body: hormones, neurotransmitters and electrical signals. This transformed light turns on your digestive system and metabolism. It shifts your hormones and immune system into gear. It upregulates your muscles and increases your exercise capacity. It sets into motion the full epigenetic revolution of your circadian biology, where the expression of some 16,000 of your genes changes powerfully over the course of the day.2

And, we are not just talking about daily time cycles. If you are a woman, you may be experiencing your body differently depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle, a “circalunar” rhythm—moving in lunar patterns. Your metabolism, immune system, mood, neurotransmitters, brain waves, and nearly every other organ-system profoundly ebb and flow in rhythm with the moon for approximately four decades of your life.

Just as there is a “wheel of the year” in folk tradition, we have a “wheel of bio-magic” inside our bodies. We experience profound seasonal or circannual changes, with 90% of our genes expressing according to the rhythms of the seasons, along with 60% of our hormones behaving differently in winter and summer.3 We have striking changes in the “cytoarchitecture of our brain”—the cellular structure of our brain—as well as a strong seasonal pulse in leptin expression, which regulates core metabolism, “food-seeking behavior” and weight gain versus loss.4

A landmark study from the Salk Institute, published in 2018 in the leading journal Science, explains how our chronobiology system “constitutes by far the largest” and most important regulatory mechanism in the body.5 “Timing is everything, to our genes,” reads the headline.6 Being “in sync” with time, with the light-dark cycles, the lunar cycles and the seasonal cycles, is the single most important factor in our health. Our wellbeing, our health, how we age, how embodied we are, are all governed by the patterns of time in the body.

Biomedical scientists now realize that every diagnostic modality, every pharmacologic or herbal treatment, and even our entire framework for how our body communicates and functions must consider cycles of time. From a nutritional and metabolic perspective, when we eat or exercise may be just as important as what we eat and how we move our bodies (“chrononutrition”, “chronoexercise”). “Chronotherapy”, or attention to when we take a strong medication, including cancer chemotherapies, is now considered the state of the art for some types of cancers, according to the British journal, The Lancet.7

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Eco-Magic: The Healing Medicine of Plants is Time-Coded

Sit with that for a moment. Every healing modality you engage with happens within the container of time, which may have the biggest impact on whether it succeeds for you or not. But no one mentions it. It’s like we’re all in a “time-avoidant” reality together, pretending this majestic aspect of creation and consciousness doesn’t exist or isn’t important. Folk medicine knew about Time Magic. The herb has to be planted and harvested at the right time. And, beyond that, the qualities of that unique time-coded moment live on in the plant, giving it a frequency that shares a specific healing gift.

Practices such as astrological herbalism were not a side-street of old-style medicine, it was the centerpiece. Our old text books are filled with instructions on when to pick plants, either on a certain moon—full, new, waxing or waning—or as the sun is rising, along with its time-coded sap, which begins to ascend at dawn and descend at dusk.

Myth and lore around plants is often time-coded—either to the cycles of the day and night or the cycles of the seasonal mandala. St John’s wort was collected at midsummer and associated with the healing medicine of peak solar transmissions, whilst vervaine was often collected at Equinox and carried the verdant greening energy of the Earth in her wild abundance. Culpeper (ca. 1650), who ascribed astrological signs to medicinal herbs, says that Hypericum “is under the celestial sign Leo, and the dominion of the Sun.” And another old English poem says: “St. John’s wort doth charm evil away. If gathered at midnight on the saint’s holy day.” Magical instructions are rooted in specific time-locations. it is not just what you use but when, and what time-magic influenced it.

We’ve let a whole body of wisdom fall to the wayside, and we urgently need to reclaim it. It could well be that this missing factor of Time Magic is at the root of many of our societal problems. Biomancy and its centering of time as a healing and transformational agent, and as a conscious living intelligence, changes us at a root level. It is a new movement. Ancient wisdom for these modern times. We are time beings, and we must find our way back to organic, Gaian time if we are to heal as individuals and a collective.

All the words we use to express coming back into resonance with life—"the now”, “presence”, “awakening”—or feelings of a soothed and regulated nervous system, are ways of describing a return to innate organic time. Trauma lives in the body when we’ve become stuck inside a time loop.

“Time does not simply flow linearly, but moves in spirals that connect past, present and future timelines. Emotionally charged experiences repeat and re-enact themselves across timelines in different disguises. Time repeats storylines.”

Time heals everything. But not in the ways we think.

We do not need to exit time, but to regain a true sense of time, to re-enter primordial time again. To pulse. To Spiral. To Time Weave.

This is healing at a biomantic level. This is a remembrance of what our Ancestors courted. This returns us to the magic of the cycles of life, as embodied beings.

We’ve Fallen Out of Organic Time

Modern, industrialized life with its busy work and social schedules, machine-like production quotas and addictions to technology have pushed us into a 24/7 artificial time. We can also call it manmade or non-natural time. It has been such a slow and gradual creep that most of us have simply accepted it and remember no other way. As a consequence, we have fallen out of organic time.

This has accelerated since 2020 when our innate “clocks” and routines were disrupted by the quarantines, closures and isolation of the covid era, ushering us into even deeper technological time, and setting us adrift from meaningful rhythms of life. We are all suffering from rhythm disruption, but it is hitting the younger generations the hardest. A United Healthcare white paper from February of this year reports that behavioral and mental health utilization is up 35% for millennials and their children compared to pre-pandemic levels.8 We have lived through a collective trauma, and we are now suffering from “time sickness”. Ancestral cultures understood this and “took the time” to craft ritual and ceremonial spaces to reset the tribe’s bio-magical clocks for healing.

“Time is not just a schedule, it is a dimension of consciousness that guides and structures everything in our life—our entire biological system, as well as our worldview or cosmology, our thought process, our emotions, our psyche, our energy body and how we relate to the natural world.”

The problem is that, as biological beings, operating outside of natural time undermines our physical, mental and spiritual health through a process scientists call “circadian disruption”. Loss of organic circadian rhythmicity is especially damaging for women, as we will see below. Beyond that, the ecological results of continually imposing manmade time onto our living planet are disastrous. In nature, seasons of productivity are followed by seasons of regeneration, bringing balance and sustainability to our ecosystems. When we take and take from the planet without rest and regeneration, we deplete it; when we force plants to grow according to our time schedules with herbicides and synthetic fertilizers, we destroy the soil; when we shine lights 24/7 in our cities, we disrupt the breeding of birds and aquatic life; when we frack for oil and mine silicon and rare earth metals to keep up with an exponentially increasing pace of consumer-technological demand, we decimate the biomes that support life on the planet. And on, and on. This “time sickness” is a root cause of our collective disturbance.

“Falling out of organic time represents a physiologic, emotional, psychic and magical trauma, especially for women.”

Is there another way to relate to time? Modern (masculine-paradigm) spiritual systems promise us a way out of the trap of artificial time, by leaving time altogether and entering into a transcendent “timelessness”, “no time” or “the eternal now”. Or, they may teach that “time is an illusion”. The issue, of course, is that if we wish to be living, embodied beings, we cannot permanently transcend time. Our cells, our bodies, our families, our planet are all located in time. This is where life is. Embodiment actually means locating ourselves in time and space. We are here in this body, in this time, in the center-point.

There is a third way, the way all of our ancestors lived prior to the industrial revolution, and the way every other species on the planet lives—in natural time. Or, what I call organic spiral time. The spiral is the innate pattern of our universe, from galaxies to the way our spinal fluid flows.

Every living organism in the natural world has a timing and rhythm for its life and development, as do the moon, sun, planets and stars. And nothing in the natural world resonates with artificial time, which vibrates at the level of “artificial intelligence” or “machine consciousness”. Imagine dancing a beautiful waltz, and then the music speeds up. It’s now a foxtrot. It speeds up again and it’s a tap dance, and then a mambo, and again and again until eventually we collapse in a heap. Manmade, artificial time is not compatible with life. In fact, it degenerates organic beings.

Our ancestors knew that time is one of the greatest mysteries. It is alive, sentient, multi-dimensional, deific. We can have a conversation with it, and it will talk back to us. Past, present and future co-exist in different overlapping dimensions that can communicate back and forth with each other as different “timelines”, or time-entangled reality fields. We ride the back of time like a great dragon that carries us on our life’s journey. It is no coincidence that many of the Elder peoples viewed the primordial deity of time as a serpent or dragon, as did the Orphic and pre-Hellenic people of ancient Greece, who revered Chronos (Khronos) as an ouroboros-like serpent, whose eternity circled the universe.

Organic time is not only sustainable, it is regenerative. All healing is a direct consequence of entering into organic time. What do meditation, yoga, qi gong, bodywork, forest bathing, breathwork, healing dance, biomantic reconnection with the sun and earth, family constellations, and nearly every kind of “self-care” have in common? For a moment, they drop us out of manmade time. Healing and magic naturally follow. We think it is the modality that created the shift, but it was primarily the re-attunement with organic time that opened the doorway in our bioenergetics and consciousness. If you go deep in nature and bring your computer and your deadlines and your time-pressure stress, guess what—you won’t heal.

Time isn’t just a flow or a spiral, it also has a beat, a rhythm. Time is percussive. It communicates information, as if we are “dancers in time”, letting us know how, when and where to put our feet, how to move, how to love, how to rest, how to play. Time is showing us how to be human.

In spiritual circles, as well as in wave physics, we often hear about “frequency” and “vibration”—but these are just measurements of pulsations or cycles in time. When slowed down to near the speed of a human heart, we call this a tempo, a rhythm, a beat. Like a shaman’s drum, our heartbeat pulses us into a rhythm of life, as does the pulse of sunrise and sunset. Our body and soul are reading and searching for these bio-cues all the time.

Living within an organic rhythm is what we call belonging. In a biomantic sense, we must live inside a bio-magical routine that makes sense to our bodies, that synchronizes and attunes us to the patterns and tempos of nature. This is the underlying reality of the trauma healing concept of “nervous system regulation”. Regulate means “to make regular”, to find the right tempo and pace. Because when our nervous system falls out of time, out of pattern, out of rhythm, we feel anxious, keyed up, and our core biology breaks down. The answer to our healing lies beyond any rational plans laid out by our thinking mind—it requires entering the pulsing organic time that we are designed for.

What is your daily routine? Your daily rhythm? What is the beat and tempo of your life? This is where your deepest healings secrets will live.

Sometimes in our race to grow or evolve, we reach for peak experiences that “blow us apart”—forgetting that we need routine to ground us.

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Women as Time Shamans: Keepers of the Lunar Wands

Time Magic has a special place in its heart for women, and for the more feminine ways of being. Our earliest Ancestors saw time as a Mother.

All the old cultures knew that women, with the unique magic of their wombs and cycles of death and birth were the Time Keepers of the society.

Women’s deep connection to the mysteries of time, experienced through the profoundly cyclical nature of their biology, positioned women as the earliest “shamans” and sacred Time Keepers. By “shaman” I mean the practitioners of tribal magic, healing and communication with the spirit worlds, known by many different names across time and culture. The earliest known shaman or magician in the archeological record is a woman who lived approximately 27,000 years ago, buried in her ceremonial dress and with talismanic objects, in what is now the Czech Republic.

The traditional female rites of passage are biologically time-coded and based around the fertility cycles: menarche, menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, motherhood and menopause. The earliest time-keeping instruments were paleolithic lunar-menstrual wands and carvings, adorned with menstrual blood and moon symbology. A woman’s body was a mystical clock, and was revered as a portal for the Time Mysteries.

venus de laussel vue generale

One of the most celebrated lunar-menstrual time-keeping carvings is the “Venus of Laussel” found cut into the wall of a rock shelter in Dordogne, France, dating from 25,000 years ago. The figure’s left hand is over her womb / belly, and right hand holds aloft a magical object—a crescent shaped bison horn with 13 time-markings, representing the 13 full or new moons of the year, or the 13 menstrual cycles of a year. The horn itself is an ancient symbol of the crescent moon, associated with menstrual magic, and the fact that the carving was covered in red ochre pigment, symbolic of menstrual blood across the ancient worlds, confirms the function as a time-keeper and “measurer” of the lunar cycles. Even the words “measure” and “metric” derive from ancient Greek word roots for “womb” and “mother” (mētra and mētēr).

“Women have suffered the most with this loss of time-awareness, because women’s bodies respond to the cycles of time and the dark/light patterns of our world with 200% more sensitivity than men.”

Women have been shoehorned into a world that does not respect their innate cyclical time and their resonance with organic time magic. As the man-made time machine speeds up with ever more vigor, women’s bodies and psyches are starting to break down—creating anxiety and mood disorders, infertility, and auto-immune disorders, rooted in “time”. Women have had to turn to mystical practice to understand their predicament.

Coming out of the flow of organic spiral time takes a heavy toll on women, because women’s bodies need to be in synchrony with the natural rhythms of sunrise and sunset, patterns of light and dark, cycles of the moon, the daily “breath” of earth’s magnetic field, and of intuitively self-guided periods of activity followed by regenerative rest. To put this all into context, being in circadian and circannual rhythm is likely the single most important factor in our health, our vitality and our magic for ALL humans. But for women, a disruption is even more catastrophic.

Women’s bodies still resonate with memories of 'moon time' and communal village mother rites. As women have sought their empowerment (rightly so!) they have often entered business and online worlds that do not reflect the cyclical timescapes that they need to thrive and succeed. The biomantic goal of returning to organic time is something that we need to infuse into all levels of business and society, not just for brief moments of “self-care”. Being in natural time is personally and ecologically regenerative—allowing women to share their creative gifts while still feeling vital and alive in their bodies.

When women force themselves into unnatural rhythms their bodies often speak back to them. In this way they are the “canary in the mine". Science shows that our collective time crisis disproportionately affects women’s bodies and psyches. According to a February, 2023 article in the journal Science, women have twice as many genes expressing rhythmically in their body tissues as men, moving in synchrony with cycles of sunlight and darkness.9 This heightened sensitivity to time is also shared by children.

What this means is that at a cellular level, women are more sensitive to being in organic time. When a woman falls out of organic time, the consequences are devastating to her biology and psyche. Fortunately, the converse is also true—women in states of “circadian chaos” have greater healing benefits when they come back into organic time and rhythm. Meaning that “time-healing” and coming back into biomantic resonance is the crucial healing modality for women. Let’s take a brief tour through the science so we can understand what this means at a practical level.

Women & Circadian Biology

It is hard to overstate how important the circadian timing system is for our health. It affects our temperature, hormone release, digestion, sleep, and mood.10 It regulates our blood pressure and heart rate, as well as our blood flow that delivers oxygen and nutrients to our cells. It determines our “endothelial function”, or how prone we are to heart attacks and strokes.11 It determines our susceptibility to cancer, viruses and bacterial infections. Circadian harmony is critical to our mental health, autonomic nervous system regulation and subjective feelings of well-being and goodness. It is the key factor in our metabolic set-point—whether we burn fat as fuel, or store it and gain weight. It has a powerful impact on fertility, as well as menstrual health. When a woman is in time chaos she will be prone to have painful periods, gain weight, feel anxious, have poor digestion and lowered fertility.

For women ALL of the above effects are more pronounced than for men. Professor Ivana Skrlec, Ph.D. of Strossmayer University writes in a 2021 paper, that it has been shown that women are more sensitive to “circadian rhythm disorders and have an increased risk of chronic diseases affecting the reproductive and immune systems, central nervous system, endocrine functions, and cardiovascular health.”12 Which may explain the explosion of “mysterious” health issues and immune disorders that are much more prevalent in women—including chronic fatigue, lyme, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, auto-immunity, migraines, IBS and others—that have been poorly understood, under-researched, and at times dismissed as “psycho-somatic” or “it’s all in your mind” by the mainstream medical system.

In response to circadian stress, women gain weight and store fat more easily than men, even when eating similarly.13 We are taught by modern health science that our weight is primarily determined by what we eat, but that is not true—it is primarily determined by our internal metabolic “thermostat” settings that are heavily influenced by circadian rhythms and the light (and darkness) we receive. The implications of this reality and how women relate to food are far-reaching. Eating disorders are seen primarily as a psychological issue, but they may also be a response to this phenomenon.

Circadian wellness is not just about “the light”—in fact, our relationship with darkness is the greater issue. We are “dark-deprived”. Our time rhythms are not just governed by the light we receive in the day, but the darkness we should be receiving at night. The global epidemic of weight gain is strongly linked to the loss of pure darkness at night after the introduction of artificial lighting across the world. A 2016 paper from the Salk Genetics Institute, authored by Tracy Bedrosian, Ph.D. explains, “Increases in electric light at night parallel increases in obesity and metabolic syndrome worldwide. A direct association between exposure to aberrant light cycles and weight gain has been established … Moreover, exposure to light at night in an uncontrolled home setting is associated with a higher odds ratio for obesity in humans. Several large-scale epidemiological studies demonstrate that social jet lag and shift work may contribute to metabolic dysfunction and increases in BMI.”14

One of the most surprising findings is that time disruption is the most important cause of female infertility.15 In her 2020 paper, “Disruption of Circadian Rhythms: A Crucial Factor in the Etiology of Infertility”, Professor Francesca Sciarra, Ph.D. of Sapienza University of Rome describes how circadian disruption “affects infertility, producing low levels of sex hormones, causing embryo implantation failure and reducing newborn size” in both animal models and in human women. The damage happens through the interruption of progesterone release. We are experiencing an epidemic of low progesterone in modern women, causing severe “PMS”, menstrual irregularity and peri-menopausal symptoms. And, at a magical symbolic level progesterone is strongly connected to being able to create feminine structures in the world. Progesterone is the “structural feminine”—which builds energy and new life.

The list goes on and on: women are much more sensitive to the emotional and mental health effects of falling out of organic time: "Circadian disruption has been associated with several mood disorders, including major depression, manic-depressive disorder, and SAD.”16 All of these  circadian issues affect women disproportionately.

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Outer and Inner Time

Our state of mood and consciousness also affects our inner body clocks, which is why practices such as meditation, plant magic, and breathwork can get us back into the healing zone. In Biomancy we call these healing states of consciousness “biodelic”—as our biology is innately wired to experience expanded states of consciousness, where our body switches into flow states.

Because even if we are connecting to the outer cycles and rhythms of nature with the sun, moon, stars, we can still be thrown “out of time” through inner stress. Inside our bodies we have a complex system of communication, via melatonin, cortisol and other signals that relay the messages of sunlight and darkness to every cell in the body. Stress disrupts all of these pathways, and throws our cells into time chaos. It’s like our body can’t tell the time anymore! When we get on a computer or mobile phone, most people tense-up and stop breathing fully. When we do this, we begin resonating with artificial time, not organic time—and our body perceives this as stressful. If we do this long enough, our circadian systems fall apart. Rhythmic breathing is one of the easiest ways to synch ourselves back with organic time—breathing with awareness of the pattern, the pulse.

We think that trauma is always emotional—it’s not, it can be somatic, in the sense that our bodies and psyche actually perceive disconnection from organic time as a fundamental trauma. Trauma physiology is a global dysregulation of our biology as a result of being stuck in a moment from the past, outside the natural flow of time. One of the deepest supports for healing trauma comes from re-entering into organic time, which opens our magical capacities for healing and re-wiring our neurophysiology. This is one reason why psychedelic- and biodelic-assisted therapies are so effective in treating trauma—they open “critical learning” windows in our brains that allow us to effectively “time-travel” and re-pattern memories from the past.  

Healing Your Relationship With Time

Our magical relationship to time exists in our cerebellar consciousness, where time softens, opens and is non-linear. At times it is mythic. One of the core motifs of fairy tales is that when we step into the world of faerie, time shifts and dilates. We walk into a magical forest, or down a fairy road, or ride a boat across a lake to a magical island, and enter into a different dimension of time. We think we’ve been gone for a minute or an hour, but we may be gone for years. Women often have a special role in these stories, tied to our ancestors’ knowledge of women’s deep relationship with time magic.

Remembering our ancestral wisdom can help us find new ways to relate to time and to live our lives differently.

What our ancestors knew is that our relationship with time extends beyond our physiology, deep into our metaphysiology. We are Time Magic beings. This is what the Elder cultures studied, worshipped, and built earth and stone temples to. It was the centerpiece of their spiritual, ceremonial and daily life. The way we interface with cycles and chronobiology is at our physical and metaphysical core. It is a sacred knowing.

Myths are alive in time - living beings who exist across time, speaking their stories into different epochs, molding the nature of reality with their mythic persona. Myth is the DNA of time, archetypal patterns that repeat over time, drawing on veiled, coded instructions and blueprints. Myths are stories that emerge from the womb of time to pattern life and evolution with mythic templates and signatures. Like our DNA, they create a consistency (patterned matrices, motifs) in evolution. Myths pattern time, and are created from the womb of time, they are “as old as time”, or as they say “once upon a time”. This helps time flow inside a template or pattern. Myth is a language through which time is communicating to us, which is why in many old stories, the guest star of the story is time itself. Ancestral stories are usually concerned with time, either creation myths (when time began) or re-creation myths (a point in time when a new timeline is chosen), or stories of transformation through time-coded journeys.

Time brings us into this world, and Time takes us out of it. Time grows us, and time ages us. Time is the midwife of our life and the midwife of our death. No wonder in our death-avoidant culture we are so afraid of time, and want to control it and make it linear or an illusion. Time expresses itself through repeating myths over vast time periods. And, a shift in epochs is a shift in myth. Time is pregnant with a new myth now. We have an opportunity to reclaim our relationship to time, and to build economies and structures and worlds that heal us and connect us into the regenerative spiral of life.  

Healing “Time Sickness”

Healing with Time Magic is a biomantic approach where we work with daily, practical body magic ritual and awareness of the cycles of time, and how they connect our biology to the greater ecology and cosmology, along with a meta-awareness of the magic of time. 

  • Body rituals to connect to the sun, moon and stars
  • Rhythmic breathing or patterned breathwork practice
  • Rhythmic movement or movement that creates patterns
  • Rhythmic sound or sound immersions that shift time
  • Sophrology journeys where we are guided into deep time
  • Meditation, nature connection, silence, where we “re-synch”
  • Opening into Biodelic healing states of consciousness
  • Communing with elemental energy and plant magic
  • Working with myth, story, archetype and motif to locate in time
  • Ancestral alchemy and weaving timelines and releasing trauma 'time loops'
  • Personal and community routine, rituals and ceremonies

Biomancy University Diploma 1-Year Certification Program starts May 1st, 2023 – 2024. Enrolling Now!

Biomancy University shares a comprehensive healing vision that is rooted in science and magic, weaving together ancient wisdom for modern times. Over 6 months of intensive initiation, and an entire year of immersive study, practice and embodiment, we re-pattern ourselves back into organic time – and learn tools and practices that can be used professionally to give language to these concepts with clients, and to "sync" them back into biodelic healing states, for vitality, health and awakening. 



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