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Listen to Dr Azra Bertrand in conversation, talking about the healing power of Biomancy, the transformational shifts the earth is birthing through, and the new stories emerging….

Azra Bertrand Essay

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Essay: Biomancy and Trauma Healing written and recorded by Azra Bertrand

Biomancy is a spiritual, magical, shamanic art AND a science of healing and embodiment that can bring a new and complementary way of approaching trauma healing that really works: "Biomancy brings a new perspective. Our healing does not happen by working on our own, as an isolated or separated individual — our healing is in tandem with earth. Yes, the emotional and psychological aspects of trauma healing are important, but until we reconnect with the sacred and magical dimension of nature and the quantum alchemy of our body in a deeper way — in a biomantic and ecomantic way — we will be missing out on the most powerful healing resource available: our own regenerative blueprint in harmony with the quantum energy templates of creation."

Sacred Feminine Power Podcast

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Podcast, June 14th 2021: The Sacred Ceremonial Landscape of Our Body with divine feminine leadership pioneer, Emmi Mutale

‘Azra speaks beautifully about the sacred role of men as protectors, guardians and gardeners of the feminine principles and energies, and how the birth of his daughter took his understanding of the limitlessness of human potential and our intricate connection to Mother Earth to the next level. He shares fascinating details about the magic of our bodies, including sonocytology (the sounds our cells make), the electromagnetic resonance of our planet and our hearts, as well the healing magic of earthing, and invites us to learn more about the concept of Biomancy, a co-creation between him and his beloved, Seren.’

Azra Bertrand Essay

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Essay: Biomancy Our Future written and recorded by Azra Bertrand

What is Biomancy? Why is Quantum Biology so important right now? Read this essay to dive into the mysteries of your own body as a multidimensional portal of magic, and how to become an oracle of the vast intelligence of nature and enter super flow states