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Biomancy: Our Future

As we enter the cusp of a new world story, a new way of magic is emerging with it …

Our body is made of magic, as is the natural world we live in. Magic is our essence, it is our birthright, it is our very nature. Yet, we have been trained to believe that it is not real.

Biomancy is the art and science of understanding real living magic. The practical application and embodiment of our own biological potential, in harmonious connection with the living earth and cosmos. It is a continuation of the stream of ancestral knowledge, now perilously forgotten, that once stood at the front and center of every culture on this planet, where physics and metaphysics, science and magic, the practical and mystical were known to be equally real. 

By magic, I do not mean something fantastical, something outside the normal order of nature. I mean something that is extraordinarily natural and real. Something that has already been conclusively proven by science, and has been known for thousands of years by indigenous and traditional cultures, but that our mainstream consensus-generating institutions stubbornly refuse to acknowledge. Our understanding of nature needs to shift now to embrace this magical reality. 

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Like many people, I did not start out fully believing in the magical nature of reality. It was as if I had two different states of awareness living inside my brain, a magician who loved the world of metaphysics and a critic who would roll his eyes in disbelief.  In my deepest essence I knew this magic was real, but my medically-trained mind, my scientifically-trained mind – my “inner skeptic” – did it’s best to deny it. I needed concrete proof, to see it with my own eyes, not just read about it in second-hand accounts. And that opportunity would come soon enough.

Our body is made of magic, with incredible powers of regenerative healing and intuitive wisdom.

One of my first direct encounters with our astounding bio-magical potential was working with three women with severe metastatic cancer as a medical resident. Two were considered “terminal” cases. They had failed surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy – everything conventional medicine had to offer. The cancer had already spread to their brain, bones and spinal cord. Multiple CT scans, MRI scans, bloodwork, and thick medical case records attested to the dire reality of their situation, predicting a life expectancy in months, not years. Yet, over a few months they became 100% cancer free in a way that could not be directly attributed to any conventional or alternative therapies. What had happened? What was this magic? Interestingly, I presented their cases to the entire residency program, but it was as if most of the young doctors could not even see how remarkable this was! They had been carefully trained that this was not possible, so they couldn’t even see it. Or, they didn’t want to see it. 

The third situation was even more stunning, because I actually witnessed a cancer “melting away” in front of my eyes. This woman had metastatic breast cancer, and I was supervising her use of hyperbaric oxygen. After stepping out of the oxygen chamber, she said “Doc, I feel hot!” Her skin had turned beet-red all over, like the worst hot flash you could imagine. I couldn’t explain what was happening, so I monitored her over the rest of the afternoon, but aside from feeling hot and a bit flustered she was fine. 

She called the office the next morning and said a number of small skin tags, warts and the like had simply “fallen off” overnight, that something very unusual was happening. I asked her to have another ultrasound of her breast, and the radiologist could not find the 8 cm tumor that had been there the month before. The radiologist was so stunned on hearing the initial report, that he pushed the tech aside and did the scan himself before agreeing. Her immune system had somehow “turned on” in front of my eyes, and recognized the cancerous cells in her body. Twenty-four hours later she was cancer free, and stayed that way for as long as I knew her.

Of course, it’s easy to assume that it was the oxygen treatment that had “done” this magical healing, but that was not the case. A certain number of people experience spontaneous healings “as if by magic” whether they are receiving conventional therapies or alternative ones. Equally, many people do not heal no matter what they try, even with supposed cures that have worked for other people. 

I knew that I had seen not just miracles, but real magic, natural magic, a magic that lived inside our bodies, inside the earth, and inside the complex and brilliant energy structure of our cosmos. Magic was real, as healing was real – but it did not come from the outside as a cure or a fix. It came from inside us, from the magical quantum energy, the dark matter field that weaves together our universe, based on laws of resonance, frequency, harmonic structures and feelings. 

Witnessing these bio-magical healings catalyzed my deeper journey into the practice of alchemy, to seek to understand these mysterious realms. 

I began to ask the fundamental questions:

What is this magic? What does it ask of us? 

All living systems are entangled. Magic is rooted in relationship, connection and communication.

Biomantic (biological and ecological) magic is based on our fundamental interconnection with all of life, and at its root, a shared connection with the unified field or quantum field or akashic field. Quantum physics proves that at the nano level, reality is an Alice-in-Wonderland world: particles can communicate instantly across space and time, faster than the speed of light; particles can “jump timelines”, communicating into the future and the past; they can pass through walls (quantum tunneling); they can “telepathically” share information over distances (quantum teleportation); and they can affect events that have already taken place in the past. The list goes on and on. Leading edge science is even unravelling the mystery of aging. 

The quantum world is magical, and we are made of this. The truth is that our human biology, and the biology of our living planet, is based in quantum processes. In other words, we have a quantum biology. The science that underpins this new understanding is rapidly emerging: human vision depends on quantum phenomena; biological energy generation in our cells (in mitochondria), as well as photosynthesis in plants, rely on quantum mechanisms; the shape, structure and function of every protein in the human body is determined by quantum physics. It is also likely that the very conception of human life – from fertilization of the egg, to implantation onto the womb lining, to the morphogenetic fields that guide the formation of the new being – relies on these “magical” quantum processes. 

Our bodies work not just by biochemistry, but by magic. Or, more accurately, biomagic.

Biomancy is a worldview and practicum that embraces this knowledge, and sees through quantum eyes. This new (and at the same time ancient) way of looking at the world, at ourselves and our place on the earth is more important now than ever. We must understand the true power of our own biology, so that we can open into a deeper communion with the planet we live upon, and reconnect in a deeply felt and lived way. When we “become biomantic” we enter a reality where we feel in our blood and bones that our future together is entangled, and that the intelligence of earth is leading the way. If we are willing to listen to this deep wisdom and guidance that is being transmitted from the vast intelligences we live within – body, earth, cosmos – then we become oracles for the future. 

I invite you to take a moment now, to pause, breathe into your body and feel that vibrating hum of energy that is calling to you, from deep inside of you.

It is time to trust that voice.