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Dr Azra Bertrand is a multi-award-winning author, who is currently working on his latest book – "Biomancy – Our Future: Awakening the Regenerative Power of Bio Magic and Eco Magic", which will be released in 2024 and is a magnum opus on the emerging healing sciences.

He has previously co-authored two award-winning books on feminine wisdom with his wife and co-creatrix Seren Bertrand. Womb Awakening (2017) and Magdalene Mysteries (2020) are well-loved across the world and have been described as a "revelation" and "masterpiece".  

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Biomancy – Our Future: Awakening the Regenerative Power of Bio Magic and Eco Magic

Are you ready to enter the magical universe of Biomancy? The visionary ideas and leading-edge scientific research held within the pages will open you into an incredible realm of quantum magic and possibility, which is your birthright. Biology is the study of life, and Biomancy is the study of the magic of life. Science is now discovering what indigenous people, magicians, and medicine folk have known since time immemorial – that the very fabric of our reality is magic.

You will be taken on a magical ride into the mystery school that is the human being, in connection with the entangled magic of Mother Earth and secrets of the fractal universe. Biology, ecology, cosmology with be woven together in a wild braid of spiritual wisdom that will thrill you, so you will never see your body or the body of earth in the same way ever again.

Mother Earth is waiting for us to reconnect so she can share the magic of her creativity with us, and we can become oracles – voices – for the natural world, including our body, and birth a new, miraculous, regenerative, mystical and magical future, including a new myth for humanity.

From the mysterious intelligence of black holes (our cosmic birth and death mothers), to the secrets of quantum time, entanglement, plant magic, root networks, elemental powers, to the body as a sacred ceremonial landscape, which initiates our (super) natural paranormal psychic abilities, you will discover that there is no greater fairytale than the wild magic of our world.

Stunningly, science is now in agreement – quantum magic is being researched and recorded in labs across the world, completely shifting our understanding of who we are as humans and what we are capable of, with such fundamental ideas as ‘ageing’ even being questioned.

Our bodies are made of magic, we can rebirth and switch on our regenerative powers, not to be special, but to feel connected, belonged, and in communion with our beautiful mother planet.

The difficulties of our current era are rooted in disconnection and trauma, when we reconnect in a deeply meaningful way, including our bioenergy, we heal and awaken into our wholeness.

Healing through natural magic not only restores our deep psyche and biological templates, it also enriches our everyday lives with easy practices that restore our felt connection to the cycles of our body, and the cycles of earth and cosmos. This reconnection calms our nervous systems, brings online our happy hormones and regulates our emotions, making it easier to make the best choices, and navigate our relationships and careers with greater ease and grace.

This is Biomancy, bio magic, natural magic, earth magic, and it is here to bring us home.

Alchemica Sophia – Feminine Wisdom Traditions

Between 2012 and 2021 Dr Azra Bertrand co-authored Womb Awakening and Magdalene Mysteries, which explore the feminine wisdom traditions that are the foundation of all magical pathways. In Womb Awakening they explore the clear evidence that cultures across the world from African indigenous traditions, to original Buddhist teachings, and gnostic writings on the Goddess Sophia (Wisdom), encoded that reality had been birthed from a primordial ‘womb’. In Magdalene Mysteries this knowledge was explored in the context of the gnostic lineage and mystical Christian traditions that blended with alchemy, where the teachings of ‘rebirth’ and baptism are shown to be rooted in older pre-patriarchal divine feminine spiritual pathways.  These ancient feminine and earth-centered traditions were the original form of bio magic, or biomancy, a spiritual and sacred world view that is rooted within the body, not transcendence.

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Praise for Books

“A masterwork of beauty, power, and mystical truth,"

Christiane Northrup, MD

“A magnificent achievement...”

Miranda Shaw, PhD, author of Passionate Enlightenment

“An extraordinary book that is both a revelation and a priceless shamanic guide”

Anne Baring PhD, Jungian scholar and author of Dreams of the Cosmos

“Beautifully written and illustrated…and extensively researched.”

Christine Page, MD

“Wisdom that will be shared for generations to come”

Rosita Arvigo, D.N., Sastun: My Apprenticeship with a Maya Healer


Gold Nautlilus Award, category of Religion/Western Spiritual Thought, 2020

Next Generation Indie Book Award, 2020

Silver Naultilus Award, category of Women/Transformation, 2017

Readers Choice Award, 2017

Living Now Award, 2017

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