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Welcome to a new universe of wisdom and embodiment, where science, magic, alchemy merge with earth wisdom and body healing.


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Founder of Biomancy University

“Restore connection,
awaken your biomagic"

Dr Azra Bertrand brings 25+ years of experience in the science & healing arts to Biomancy University, including a degree in biochemistry, a doctorate in medicine and a stint at the National Institute of Health in trauma and endocrinology. The flagship Biomancy Foundation and Biomancy Diploma programs weave together science, healing, magic and awakening into a profound holistic education and initiation.

Biomancy University -
3 Life-changing Portals:

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1-Year Diploma 

Biomancy Diploma (1-year) - Education Certificate (May 1st)

Advanced Curriculum Program, Magical Initiation, Professional Diploma and Certificate of Completion

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Immersion Study

Biomancy Immersion Study Program (6 months, starts Nov 1)

Foundational Self-Study Curriculum in Core Principles of Biomancy & Online Community


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Eco-Somatics 2-Year Practitioner Training

Pioneering practitioner path, including a 7-Day in-person retreat.  Join the waitlist.


Biomancy: Our Future

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Biomancy University is an educational template of holistic reconnection to the biomagic of our body, and the hidden world of nature that is part of our spiritual ecosystem. Studying Biomancy will awaken your quantum biology so you can activate the innate, regenerative radiance of life force energy, which is your birthright, and reweave yourself into the living intelligence of Gaia. Biomancy is a scientific-magical path that is a new emergence of primal alchemy for our times. It also includes Ecomancy and the Plant Mystery School where earth magic and body magic merge.

Are you ready to study Biomancy and come home to the magic?

Praise for Biomancy

This incredible new work of Biomancy has been described as "life changing", containing "a huge amount of genius", and helping people to feel more in tune with their body and the natural world. The journey takes you from the center of the cosmos, and to the center of your own being, to embody the primordial powers of creation.

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Awakening the regenerative bio-magic within our bodies

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Reconnecting to the primordial intelligence of ecological Earth systems

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Opening to the transmissions of vast cosmic intelligences

"The world does not need more warriors, it needs more magicians."

When you enter the Biomancy Universe, you are walking into a new dimension of being; a new way of feeling, thinking, being, becoming. You are entering into the realm of alchemy.

Biomancy is the medicine of our times, and the future of magic.

Biomancy University is an advanced education institute that remembers ancient wisdom and has its roots in earth’s beauty.

Praise for Biomancy

"Dr. Azra Bertrand teaches with a contagious passion, holistic wisdom, and lots of fun. He integrates many branches of wisdom from medicine, science and history to shamanism, mysticism, and alchemy. The collective medicine of Biomancy for me is that it's totally inclusive and wildly visionary. It invites us to embrace our shared group evolution and greatest personal potential."

Jade, Texas

Biomancy - Awakening Body Magic

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Our body is entangled in a vast, living quantum universe, radiant with mystery, and infused with beauty, intuition and regenerative magic potential.

Our healing is a remembering and awakening of our innate magic.

Whilst honoring our ancestral biology –everything that has personally shaped us and our ancestors at a genetic level.

Ecomancy - Awakening Earth Magic

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The organic reality of the way our body is entangled with the intricate ecology of the earth and the plants and the sun is our greatest gift. We are relational beings.

Biomancy University brings the possibility of quantum rebirth and the deep regeneration of moving in tandem with Earth’s body and cycles.

The cosmos is also encircling us with vast celestial and planetary beings, who radiate transmissions of energy that evolve us in invisible ways, as our ancestors knew.

We are genetically designed to have massive quantum rebirths –
a spontaneous flowering of consciousness and alchemical evolution.

Biomancy University is school of wisdom that is birthing a new vision into the world, so we can live from our true harmonic balance.

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Biodelics Immersion

Biodelics body magic

Awaken Your Innate Psychedelic Pathways

Biodelics takes you on a profound journey of wisdom to understand and embody our innate biological psychedelic systems and how we can experience healing states of biodelic consciousness without needing any outside substance. It does include the incredible new science of psychedelics so we can understand the potentials for healing - because the results for psychedelics (that the mainstream invests in) are the same for our body magic biodelics. It also covers Feminine Biodelics and how women can access their cyclical oracular nature in healing ways, and experience their body as entheogenic.

You'll learn about the different molecules and emotional tones that different biodelic (body magic practices) and psychedelic (plant magic experiences) activate and embody, and how they fit into more feminine or masculine categories of healing. With this knowledge of the biological and energetic signatures of each Biodelic experience, you learn how to apply it to yourself and clients for the highest healing outcomes

Most importantly you'll learn the 'why' - how reconnecting to our own innate body magic and healing states of consciousness is what Mother Earth and the Plant Ancestors are dreaming into being for us now.  

  • 3 Biodelic Wisdom Workshops with  Dr Azra Bertrand
  • 2 Biodelic Embodiment Classess - Breathwork & IxCacao
  • Replay links sent out if you can’t attend the class live
  • Your materials curated in a Biomancy University portal

Joint the waitlist to hear about upcoming Biodelics events

Biomancy Foundation Studies

Biomancy Immersion

Foundational 6-month self-study course

  • A 6-month self-study program with community
  • A beautiful course portal with self-study materials
  • An alchemist library with additional video resources
  • Guided instructions for a daily embodiment practice
  • Supportive written materials and self-study guides
  • A certificate of completion if all modules completed
  • Membership to the Great Weave online community
  • Access to the monthly live online drop-in workshops

Biomancy Immersion is right for you if….

  • You know the wisdom of biomagic and ecomagic are calling
  • You want to be part of a new wave of regenerative healing
  • You are ready for the paradigm-shifting ideas of Biomancy
  • You want to learn about the magic in your body and earth
  • You want a new activation for your own personal evolution
  • You want a new perspective on healing for your vocation

Biomancy Immersion is right for you if….

  • You want a guided curriculum you can do at your own pace
  • You want a library of video and written materials to dip into
  • You want to study in a university with high educational standards
  • You want a certificate of recognition for your studies
  • You want to have a global online community to connect with
  • You want the option to attend live inspirational workshops

Next Enrollment: May 1st, 2023

Biomancy Certificate Program

Biomancy Diploma

Professional-level certificate of education

  • A 1-year professional-level program with community
  • A beautiful course portal with interactive materials
  • A 6-month interactive advanced study curriculum
  • An alchemist library with extensive video resources
  • 7 live in-depth online workshops with Dr Azra Bertrand
  • 18 live embodiment & integration calls with lead teachers
  • Guided instructions for daily embodiment practices
  • Supportive written materials and study guides to keep
  • A Diploma certificate of education from Biomancy University if all 6 modules and dissertation are completed.


  • 12 months inside the Biomancy Great Weave community
  • Access to 50+ hours of pre-recorded teachings videos
  • Access to all the Biomancy Immersion foundation materials

Biomancy Diploma is right for you if….

  • You want to study biomagic and ecomagic at a scholar level
  • You want to be a leader of a new wave of regenerative healing
  • You want to embody the paradigm-shifting ideas of Biomancy
  • You want to receive key practices of magic for body and earth
  • You want an advanced activation of your personal evolution
  • You want to revolutionize your vocation with new wisdom

Biomancy Diploma is right for you if….

  • You want a world-class curriculum in a supported container
  • You want live tuition with Dr Azra Bertrand & Lead Teachers
  • You want an extensive library of video and written materials
  • You want to study in an alternative university with high educational standards in the visionary healing arts
  • You want to belong to a connected online community
  • You want to quantum leap into a new dimension of being

Yearly Enrollment:
Program Begins May 1st, 2024

Praise for Biomancy

“Many thanks for this incredible journey and holding this sacred powerful space for this rebirth. I understand in a deeper layer how our ancestors are in our wombs. And how all their gifts and traumas are held there. And how in subtle ways we repeat these traumas. In the journey I experienced a rising of Shakti in a conscious way. I have also experienced so much 'green gnosis' and claimed my relationship with plants and am seeing nature in another perspective.”