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2-Year Practitioner Training

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For Pioneering Scholar-Practitioners of the Healing & Body Magic Arts

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First cycle starts May 1st, 2024

Join us for a life-changing, career-rebirthing, mind-blowing pathway of Eco-Somatic initiation and wisdom.

It is time for a new conversation, a new vision, and a new way to practice healing - where our body awakens its innate evolutionary magic.

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Welcome to the Eco-Somatic Practitioner Path, a transformational practitioner training, that brings the body and ecology back into harmony, and creates a powerful wave of regenerative embodiment, by activating our evolutionary biology, held in our eco-epigenetic DNA and nervous system.

This is my life-work over 25 years poured into one comprehensive training, that will transform your life and professional practice into its highest octave.

It will be mythic, magical, ancestrally-connected AND science-backed.

This is for the paradigm-shifters, visionaries and people who cannot be put into boxes, and want their practice to be expansive, quantum and grounded.

This practitioner training will give you these key visible assets: 

* A framework to include ecology, ecopsychology and nature-based healing into your somatic work, so you can unite the body with its wild ecosystem.

* A new theory of the Nervous System that will instantly create profound healing for your clients. 30+ year therapists who have trained in old nervous system theory, say that Eco-Somatics has revolutionized their practice.

* An education based on the sharing of unique expertise, as you train with a physician who directly participated in the pioneering research at the NIH that founded the current attachment theory and trauma healing paradigm.

* A place in the spiritual lineage of the scholars and physicians, Freud, Jung & Reich, who incepted the modern somatic movement of body psychology.

AND This practitioner training will give you many invisible assets:

* It will amplify your magical intuition and sensory abilities as a healer

* It will initiate you into ancient mystical traditions of alchemy and rebirth

* It will develop your psychic gifts and power as a creative visionary

* It will reconnect you to ancestral ceremony and earth magic tradition

My work attracts high-level professionals across all walks of life who are ready to become the people who create a quantum leap in the world.

In 5 years, everyone will be talking about this, I promise.

Are you ready to be part of the great transformation?

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Dr Azra Bertrand, MD,
Founder of Biomancy University

Are you ready to remember?
And to bring other people with you?

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A Radical Eco-Vision of Trauma Healing

Back in 1999, I spent 2 years full-time working in a lab at the NIH, on the research project that birthed the current 'attachment and trauma healing paradigm'. I saw first hand what really healed the somatic trauma of mother-baby attachment wounds - and it was not what has been written about.  In Eco-Somatics I am ready to reveal the truth.

The Future of Somatics -
Biology + Ecology

Did you know you are 90% leopard at a genetic level?

That your nervous system originated from a womb-like aquatic intelligence?

That our consciousness does not begin or end in our brain, or even our body(!)

Your body is an oracle for the ecosystem, and all disease, pain & grief is a message from within and beyond the body. Eco-Somatics gives you the language to listen.

Our body is an extraordinarily networked perceiving apparatus that extends out into the environment like the vast neural root networks of trees - via our gut microbiome, our connections to the plants and animals around us, to the sacred sites of the land, and beyond, into the cosmic ecosystem, of sun, moon, planets, black holes, stars.

Your nervous system is linked to the nervous system of earth, your fascia and interconnective tissue are a mirror of the subtle 'dragon paths' of energy that interconnect the earth in the web of life, that Elders have called 'songlines'.

If you can get your head around this (your cells already know it), and put it into practice, it will change your life, your healing path, your journey of awakening, your magical connections and restore your regenerative wisdom in revolutionary ways.

You will return to the bio-intelligent field of life - and take people with you!

As an Eco-Somatic practitioner, you will teach people to evolve their nervous systems to expand their energy capacity to activate their true rooted power.

You will meet deep-time ancestors who have been waiting to guide you, whose bio-intelligence lives inside you and speaks through the ceremony of biology.

You will heal your evolutionary layers back into a coherent wholeness, on a path of interconnected individuation into the Symbiotic Self of wholeness.

Eco-Somatics is an in-depth and unique somatic philosophy and practice that is here to birth the next wave of our evolution, and locates us fully in the time-space continuum of entangled quantum biology and cyclical, rooted earth-frequency.

Biomancy University is here to liberate you from the practitioner 'box' of bodyworker, yoga teacher, somatic healer, therapist, psychologist, osteopath, coach - and unleash the true magic that is within you. 

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My Magic   Journey

I have studied somatics for years, and the Eco-Somatics course I did with Biomancy University is top-notch, next level. Absolutely profound work! It's not being done anywhere else. They're just on the forefront, the cutting edge, of really helping you connect dots. They're bringing back an ancient wisdom that is not common knowledge. This work is totally unique to them.

They have such a beautiful system that allows you to really see ways that you can take this body of wisdom and work with people.

I love the way that they really support you in your own expression of the material that they've helped you learn.

It's just it's so well done. I just can't recommend it enough.

Crystal Leaman
Best-Selling Author & Somatic Educator

Our Body is Nature. Awaken Subtle Energy with Big, Deep, Roots

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“I want to acknowledge my deepest gratitude. This practice is utterly revolutionary in my experience. I’ve been practicing for 30 years now, but my god has it only just started working?! I’ve taught about rooting into the Earth before, but I’ve never felt anything like this! I’ve never felt so One with the Earth that the alchemy that she performs with her body takes place in my own body”.


"I not only believe that our DNA is a multitude in itself and our nervous system can shapeshift, but I now realize that an aspect of my own consciousness is connected to the 'junk DNA', parts of our genetic self that have been dismembered or dismissed or cut off. I can feel them in me."


"I’m feeling a deep integration and another layer of coming home. I feel an unshakeable trust in my connection with earth, sun, cosmos and eco-ancestors … I think the best thing is having this knowing re-affirmed and mirrored back to me in a community… I think this is so important and it is such a healing balm to my soul to have these eco-biological parts of me met and recognized!” 

This has brought so many things together for me. I’ve studied somatics with so many people and I feel this is the missing link!! Thank you so much for the work you bring forward Azra.

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The Eco-Somatic
Nervous System

Learn how to locate the nervous system in deep time and deep ecology for profound healing and embodiment

With Dr Azra Bertrand, Biomancy University

Transform Your
Nervous System
Into a Mother Tree

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During your Eco-Somatic Practitioner Training you will learn an exciting new theory of Eco-Somatic Nervous System healing that will transform your OWN life and the lives of your clients....

Your evolutionary nervous system is designed to develop into adulthood, so you can become a support for yourself, your family and community...

Current nervous system theory focuses on the mammalian dynamics of our young nervous system, online in dependent children under the age of 13...

Our nervous system is designed to evolve through initiatory stages until age 28, when we 'adult' and become fully capable of self-regulation and maturity.

Our culture has forgotten the rites of passage of our nervous system, and how to evolve the powerful gifts of our primal nervous system into fruition - to awaken our 'Dragon Self', with the courage and capacity to lead and thrive

In Eco-Somatics, we become a 'Mother Tree' who can co-regulate others with rooted wisdom and hold organic power and LEADERSHIP.

"I’ve no idea how to explain this experience - words don’t really do it justice. Today I listened to Azra's incredible womb elements ceremony journey. I’ve been on many journeys but this one is extraordinary. I’ve woken the dragon within me for sure. I can feel my mitochondria stirring, trusting, surrendering and unraveling to start all over again from a new crystal template. One fully integrated with elemental forces, primordial with both a fierceness and gentleness, yin and yang."


"I finished watching our latest Eco-somatics class last night! My cognitive mind is surrounded by the smashed bits of attachment, trauma and polyvagal theory. I have been a career therapist for over three decades, currently practicing as a body based psychotherapist. So these theories have been with me for some time. I am shocked to hear that they aren't the whole truth and in some cases they aren't even a biological reality. This course is really changing my understanding of my work. Thank you"

"When I did the mitochondria meditation for the first time, I recalled a painful memory and was able to articulate my feelings and return to trust and connection, I am receiving a healing with my paternal ancestors. Very unexpected."


Study & Embody -
Core Curriculum

In your 2-year training you will study and practice the foundations of Biomancy philosophy, integrating the healing paths of body magic and earth magic - from plant wisdom, elemental ceremony, circadian magic, structures and patterns of speech, water, memory in healing trauma, to entering quantum time and parallel lives and studying alchemical physiology.

In your Eco-somatic focused training, you will cover the core 8 spheres of wisdom, including Eco-somatic Nervous System theory healing, the rebirth technologies of Wombology to re-pattern ancestral trauma imprints, and Eco-somatic Constellation work to place the path of healing in deep time and a non-human evolutionary context, and to meet your eco-spiritual guides.

The centerpeice of your studies is learning Somatic Templates, a visionary new interpretation of Dr Wilhelm Reich's characterology system, where you will learn 'body reading' - how to intepret psychic and physical defense structures stored in the body as energy egregores and postural patterns.

You will also study the powerful eco-somatic practice of Primordial Movement with Lorenna Bousqet-Kacera, an eco-spiritual Elder, with over 40-year's experience, who practiced in the lineage of Continuum, before founding her own embodiment teachings that activate the primal body.

Nervous System Theory

A evolutionary path to
activate the 'primal' aspect
of our nervous system


Eco-Epigenetics &

The impact of the genetic
inheritance of our deep time
and transhuman kin


Symbiotic Self &
Evolutionary Layers

Discovering the different
ecological and archetypal
layers of our biology


Eco-Constellations &

Practical techniques to work
with our eco-ancestors for
self transformation


Primordial Movement

Learn a powerful
regenerative quantum wave
movement practice


Body Reading & Eco-Somatic Templates

Body Posture, Descension,
Bio-Shapeshifting trauma patterns held in
the body


Biodelic Physiology
"Dragon Body"

Biodelic cellular ceremony
to switch on our innate
psychedelic physiology


The Mystical Path of
Rebirth & Regeneration

Wombology to re-pattern
your birth, gestation, and to
rebirth through Earth

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Eco-Somatic Practitioner Path -

The 2-Year Professional Training Program includes:

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    Biomancy Immersion 6-month Self-Study
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    Eco-Somatic Practitioner Training 7-Day In-Person Retreat
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    3-month Practitioner Coaching Calls - with Dr Bertrand
  • sun bulletpoint
    3-month Primordial Movement - with Guest Teacher
  • sun bulletpoint
    Completion of a Dissertation & Client Case-Studies

Feedback & Praise

"I LOVE the Eco somatic Nervous System teaching! In my Craniosacral Therapy training we learnt a lot about the Polyvagal Theory and how to apply it working with clients. And what you're bringing forward through ECO somatics is an invaluable piece in trauma healing Azra, this is the next step up! This primal energetic reconnection bodywork needs to make its way into mainstream therapy, it's so NECESSARY!"


"I've done some of this primal nervous system work in my own healing process in the name of 'priestess' and 'archetypal feminine wisdom' work, and it was a breakthrough in my healing journey. All about dropping into the primal NS & mother-mind. But how you Azra bring this into a grounded piece of work, this will be a breakthrough to most people, who might not feel draw to 'priestessing' and 'tantra'."


"I see you as this Green Man of the modern world who bridges the ancient wisdom with the modern people. THANK YOU so much for following your soul's purpose."

"Thank you Azra Bertrand for this body of work you are sharing with us this has been a 20 year journey for me and it's all beginning to feel like this Eco-Somatic template will be truly transformative for me."


"Over the weekend I have spent time in the woods and relistened to class 3 for the second time. Repeated the meditation and moved my body in wavelike undulations to bring myself back into coherence with mother earth. It's working."

"Biomancy brought the concept of our mitochondria "hibernating" into my awareness and Eco-Somatics is giving me further clarity and embodied experiences, I am feeling it in my eco-somatic layers...I am feeling it as I find myself swaying in a wavelike motion so much of my day. Thank you always for your wisdom, intuition, and innovative spirit."


"After coming home and sleeping a few hours, my nervous system was still quite unsettled. I did the eco-somatic jellyfish breathing and am feeling peaceful and relaxed. I'm going to save the meditation in a file for easy access.."

"I love having the eco-somatic jellyfish breathwork meditation at the ready in case I have a middle-of-the-night need for a guided restful state."


"Last summer I did a group shamanic journey with the Plant Spirit Lady Foxglove to reclaim fragments of myself. One of the fragments that returned was a big black dragon. This has perplexed me ever since ... How could I have been a dragon? Was I making it up? Last week's class and the email about this week's class has started to make sense of that experience! Thank you!"

"I walked around, feeling on Azra's question about predator and prey. I came to realize that in this present life I can more easily feel the vulnerability of the prey than the power of the predator. Later on I knew I was afraid to allow this power into my life. This is why I don't live my full potential. It is time to meet the fear and integrate the power."


"The first time I did the mitochondria journey I had a memory come up that brought up grief. The interesting part was that I was able to articulate and unlock the grief locked in my body and in time. I feel complete with that incident now."

"I am utterly stunned, eternally grateful and excited beyond measure by the eco-somatic quantum wave movement. Through Azra Bertrand's suggestion I really contacted the wave through my internal dragon. I was wave flying as my shoulders opened out and my neck lengthened. No pain in them when I woke up this morning."


Our Teachers

azra bertrand standing in front of a tree

Dr Azra Bertrand, MD

Dr Azra Bertrand, MD is the founder of Biomancy University, and an alchemical physician and wisdom author.

He graduated from Duke University School of Medicine, and has a degree in bio-chemistry. He has been a pioneering alchemical guide and healer for 25 years, working with over 35,000 people on spiritual, emotional and physical health – studying and living the quest to help people truly ‘come alive’. 

His studies extended from family and relationship psychotherapy to neuroscience and clinical hypnosis – where he was personally trained in the power of the subconscious by Holly Forester-Miller PhD, who had major abdominal surgery under hypnosis without anesthetic. Dr Bertrand also studied hypnotherapy from childhood with his physician mother, who used hypnotherapy techniques for her patients having surgery.

He also spent two years engaged in primary research at the National Institute of Health Primate Center (NIH), observing primate behavior and its relation to the neuro-endocrine system, which gave him unique insights into the capacity to heal or pass forward emotional wounds, and the role of ecology and wildness in healing trauma.

After spending 7 years in formal medical training, he also underwent a 3-year apprenticeship with an alternative physician and author, who worked with the power of consciousness and dark field microscopy, a form of psychic-somatic blood divination. He ran an integrative healing pratice in California for a decade, which also included an apothecary, and worked with energy medicine, homeopathics and alchemical spagyrics.

In his quest to help restore vitality and radiance to people, Dr Bertrand studied in a lineage of spiritual somatic scientists. He immersed in studying Core Energetics for 4 years, including a 2-year teacher training course. This form of body-based psychotherapy was pioneered by Dr John Pierrakos, MD, a student of Wilhelm Reich MD, a peer of Carl Jung, and the pioneer of somatic therapy, which helps shift trauma and emotional blocks stored in the body, known as ‘body-armoring’, and transform psycho-somatic templates.

Biomancy & the entangled Eco-Somatic practice of Alchemical Eco-Embodiment is a holistic synthesis of Dr Bertrand’s education and lifelong studies in the ancient alchemical wisdom traditions, bioenergetic somatic healing and Earth Magic.



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    4-Year Degree in Biochemistry, UNC
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    2-Year NIH Research in Neuro-Endocrinolgy of Attachment
  • sun bulletpoint
    4-Year Doctorate of Medicine, Duke University
  • sun bulletpoint
    3- Year Family Medicine Residency, Univ. California-San Francisco
  • sun bulletpoint
    4-Year Core Energetics Training, Reichian lineage, Dr John Pierrakos 

Guest Teacher -
Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera

Eco-Spirituality Elder & Co-Founder of The Living Centre, will share a series of Eco-Somatic Primordial Movement classes on embodying Elemental Intelligence and the quantum wave. 

lorenna bousquet kacera

Lorenna is a 74-year-old Métis grandmother of the Lakota Nation. For 35 years, she has stewarded Shamanu: Earth-Wisdom Teachings (est 1989). Shamanu weaves eco-philosophy, Earth poetry, Primordial Movement, sound play, dance, breathwork, Earth rituals and sacred theatre to awaken in us the spiritual force that enlivens the natural world and oneself. She is co-director with her husband of The Living Centre, a 50-acre eco-spiritual education sanctuary in Canada. 

Activating Your Primal Nervous System awakens your Inner Dragon Self.

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Activating Your Primal Nervous System awakens your Inner Dragon Self.

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Pay in Full

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Deposit + payment plan
($600/mo for 12 months

$4k to be paid before attending a retreat



After you register, you can attend one of our practitioner retreats over the next 2-3 years (depending on when you register). Retreats will be held mainly in the USA and Europe. 

We will connect with you to work out what the best option for you will be. 

Eco-Somatics Practitioner Training is a complement to mainstream trainings that grant professional licensure. It will not give you a license recognized by mainstream bodies. Depending on your level of expertise we will guide you on how best to share this work as your vocation. 

The first year of the Biomancy Diploma includes 6 months of immersive learning, with 10 hours of weekly study and practice, plus 6 months of self-study and integration, so you can catch up on any months or modules you missed. It is designed to be flexible, with a 'summer and winter'. 

The intensive Eco-somatic coaching 3 months will include 5 hours a week, including client practice and feedback. 

A total of 200+ study hours over 2 years. 

To graduate with a Biomancy Diploma and as an Eco-somatic Practitioner you will need to complete 6 core modules, and an end of year dissertation (with alternate options to writing, of music, art, video, poetry). You will receive 1:1 support and a special 'writing your dissertation' workshop with an academic professor and writing expert. 

To complete your Practitioner studies you will be asked to work on a client case studies, and write them up for feedback. 

There is no private 1-1 coaching with Dr Bertrand, but in the Practitioner training you will work with him in small coaching groups. 

In the Biomancy Diploma there is the option to have 6 private sessions with Dr Bertrand for an extra cost. Private sessions are only available to Biomancy Diploma students. 

You will be able to download all the materials to keep for lifetime access, and you will receive a PDF with all the download links to make it easy for you.

You will also receive a beautifully designed and exclusive Biomancy Handbook with all the written course materials in one place. 

Access to the student portal lasts 1 year.