Eco-Embodiment - The Future of Somatics

A Profound 28-Day Wisdom Journey into a New Vision of Healing

For Pioneering Scholar-Practitioners of the Healing & Awakening Body Magic Arts

It is time for a new conversation, a new vision, and a new way to practice healing – where our body becomes magic. Biodelic Magic.

Join us for a life-changing, career-rebirthing, mind-blowing 28 days of eco-somatic initiation and wisdom.

Our Body is Nature. Awaken Subtle Energy with Big, Deep, Roots

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“I want to acknowledge my deepest gratitude. This practice is utterly revolutionary in my experience. I’ve been practicing for 30 years now, but my god has it only just started working?! I’ve taught about rooting into the Earth with what seemed to me at the time to be an embodied understanding, but I’ve never felt anything like this! I’ve never felt so One with the Earth that the alchemy that she performs with her body takes place in my own body, which merges with hers, which is hers, in real time”.

Welcome to "Eco-Embodiment - The Future of Somatics", where I share publicly for the first time about my incredibly exciting new breakthroughs on our extended bio-magical self - through ecology and through evolutionary time. 

It will be mythic, magical, ancestrally-connected AND science-backed.

Did you know you are 90% leopard at a genetic level?

That your nervous system originated from an aquatic intelligence, not a terrestrial one!

And that our consciousness does not begin or end in our brain, or even our body(!) But is an extraordinarily networked perceiving apparatus that extends out into the environment like the vast neural root networks of trees - via our gut microbiome, our connections to the plants and animals around us, to the sacred sites of the land, and beyond, into the cosmic ecosystem, of sun, moon, planets, black holes, stars.

If you can get your head around this (your cells already know it), and put it into practice, it will change your life, your healing path, your journey of awakening, your magical connections and beyond. You will return to the bio-intelligent field of life.

In 5 years, everyone will be talking about this, I promise.

During this 4-week cohort, I'll speak about some simple techniques to put this into practice right away, and will share ways to integrate it into your clients sessions.

For 4 wisdom-soaked weeks we will gather for 3 epic live online symposiums of ideas and collaborative practice (with replays), a learning hub, and weekly worksheets.

This is an evolutionary moment in the work of somatic embodiment - are you ready to quantum jump in? Do you feel that there is a new edge to expand into?

Our body remembers the sunlight of our ancestors. Our nervous system is aquatic in origin. Healing breathwork originates from our time in the womb. Our ancient land-mothers still live inside us as guides and regulators. Our trauma - and the cure - originates in deep time, and is larger than a just-human context.

Synchrony with Earth is the romantic love we have been dreaming about.

We have to reexamine the role of legacy, earth magic and somatic heritage in our healing practice and journey. Our bodies are not separate from our ecosystems or the mysteries of time. Our trauma and our brilliance does not live inside the boundaries of our skin, or our personhood, or even the confines of time-space.

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We are as much crystal, plant, ocean, electro-magnetic charge, ecosystem, as we are human being. We are an evolutionary continuum. Our healing is layered.

Learn exciting ideas and new practical ways to navigate the modern world in an ancient, magically coded body – and heal and thrive, in vitality and connection.

Are you ready to remember?
And to bring other people with you?

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Discover paradigm-changing new perspectives on your healing practice and apply these insights with your clients for profound healing shifts.

Our bodies remember the way to heal. It is our alchemical heritage - when we tap into the source-codes of our entangled ecosystem and our wild nervous system.

We are alchemists, not machines to be fixed.

Somatic healing is our birthright.


“In my BodyMindSpirit sessions and coaching with clients I am opening to much more confidence. There is so much upgrade in my healing practice, so much beauty in my family, so much taking place on the journeys we are being led into that it would take hours to write it all down. I am opening more and more to cerebellar wisdom with more confidence. Now I am much more comfortable staying with my cerebellar, womb, heart, root connections through the entire session and the magic is increasing”

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About Dr Azra Bertrand, MD

Dr Azra Bertrand, MD is the founder of Biomancy University, and an alchemical physician and a wisdom author.

He graduated from Duke University School of Medicine, and has a degree in bio-chemistry. He has been a pioneering alchemical guide and healer for 20 years, working with over 25,000 people on spiritual, emotional and physical health – studying and living the quest to help people truly ‘come alive’.

His studies extended from family and relationship psychotherapy to neuro-science and clinical hypnosis – where he was personally trained in the power of the subconscious by Holly Forester-Miller PhD, who had major abdominal surgery under hypnosis without any anesthetic.

He also spent a year engaged in primary research at the National Institute of Health Primate Centre (NIH), observing primate behavior and its relation to the neuro-endocrine system, which gave him unique insights into the capacity to heal or pass forward emotional wounds.

After spending 7 years in formal medical training, he also underwent a 3-year apprenticeship with an alternative physician and author, who worked with the power of consciousness and dark field microscopy.

In his quest to help restore vitality and radiance to people, Dr Bertrand studied in a lineage of spiritual somatic scientists. He immersed in studying Core Energetics for 4 years, including a 2-year teacher training course. This form of body-based psychotherapy was pioneered by Dr John Pierrakos, MD, a student of Wilhelm Reich MD, a peer of Carl Jung, and pioneer of somatic therapy, which helps to shift trauma and emotional blocks stored in the body, known as ‘body-armoring’.

Biomancy, Biodelics and the entangled eco-somatic practice of Alchemical Eco-Embodiment is a holistic synthesis of Dr Bertrand’s education and lifelong studies in the ancient alchemical wisdom traditions and bio-energetic somatic healing.


“So much is coming through, the initiation of this work is something I can't sufficiently articulate in our usual everyday speech. Not mine at least. I'm crying none stop, for everything under the, pain, amazement, loss, annihilation, death, existence and all in-between.”

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