Global Biomancy Community Network

It’s time to gather in magical communities to journey, share and connect with each other.

The Biomancy Great Weave network is the online sanctuary of Biomancy University. It is a privately curated online space designed to create a resonate space of sharing and connection for biomancers from across the world into a weave of wisdom. The Great Weave is  hosted by Dr Azra Bertrand, founder of Biomancy Unversity and Jade Bertraud, a Lead Teacher and Communty Weaver of Biomancy University.

Biomancy is the study and practice of awakening the magic within nature and our body.

Our healing, embodiment, evolution and transformation is a deeply biomantic journey.

  • Your body is an oracle with a deep intelligence
  • Mother Earth is invested in your evolution
  • Restoring connection turns on your magic
  • Awakening your biomantic energy heals trauma
  • Your elemental power becomes your greatest gift

Imagine what it would be like to live in a supportive online community and have monthly access to live online Biomancy workshops to deepen your connection with biomagic.

"Mother Earth is having a human experience through us. Our bodies come from her body. She feels us. She lives inside us. We return to her."

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Across the world, people are coming fully alive with Biomancy….

"Feels like coming home."

"Things have shifted in a way they’ve never shifted before."

"It feels like breaking through the sound barrier…into a different world."

"Gratitude for all this incredible knowledge."

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About dr. Azra bertrand

Dr. Azra Bertrand is a multi-award winning author, healer, teacher and mystic, renowned for his visionary merging of sacred science, myth and cosmology. He holds a degree in research biochemistry, as well as a doctorate from the Duke University School of Medicine.

Are you ready to come home to Biomancy?

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