Elemental Rebirth

The Alchemy of Embodiment

Presented by Dr Azra Bertrand, founder of Biomancy

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Elemental Rebirth Initiation

Starts on October 3rd for 5 weeks

Journey through reconception, air, water, fire, earth and then biomantic rebirth. Plus live classes on the science of epigenetics and wombtime elemental alchemy

Weaving together cutting-edge alchemical embodiment science with a deeply transformative journey of elemental rebirth, this five-week immersion will activate your original primordial bioenergy templates – awakening the magical regenerative powers of your innate elemental quantum biology and energy body.

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Join Our 5-Week Rebirth Journey Now

Elemental rebirth has been the key of all mystery schools and deep transformation technologies.

Your body has an innate Biomantic Template that is designed to be a vessel for the vast universal energies and intelligence of creation, a living essence that lights you up wtith regenerative power, energy and evolutionary intuition. This energy is elemental power. But often, we are born with this power switched off because of difficulties in the womb time, or epigenetic inheritance. These imprints can be rebirthed.

It is vital you bring this energy back online. Your body wisdom is full of magic, waiting for you to reclaim it. You were designed to thrive and shine. Are you ready to activate your elemental power and true nature?

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Elemental Power

The Elements are the original powers that formed the basis of the universe – and your body. You are originally infused with these powers in your mother’s womb.

To rebirth this energy, in this online course you will take a powerful journey through the primordial elemental mandala. You will reclaim the bio-magical gifts and powers from your time in the womb, when the elemental template of your body and bioenergy field was first formed. Often our life long issues with health, embodiment, personal power and relationships are rooted in imprints from our time in the womb. Returning to this primary experience will restore your energy templates and awaken the wisdom and power within.

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Quantum Rebirth

In this elemental journey, you will reclaim the wild creative powers of fire, the deep rooting and belonging of earth, the spaciousness and wisdom of Air, and the fluid quantum magic of water, immersing back in the regenerative Void of the Cosmic Womb that rebirths all creation and brings us new beginnings.

This work is a deep immersion of quantum transformation for those who wish to receive advanced tools and knowledge for their own embodiment and healing and to understand the potentials of biomantic awakening and healing for their own work and vocation.

Elemental Rebirth is part of the Biomancy University education template, weaving us back into the neural networks of nature, bringing us into embodiment, activating our (super)natural gifts as an Biomantic Earth Oracle. Our body is so much more than we can imagine.

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"I believe Biomancy is at the forefront of the future of Science and Bio-Magic, and I want to be there for it! The work and wisdom of Dr. Azra Bertrand is brilliant, he holds a beautiful container for these sacred teachings. He bridges science and mysticism so eloquently, truly unique. Biomancy gives me hope for the future”

~ Gloria, Filmmaker, India & USA

Are you ready to claim the wild bio-magic of being human?
Are you ready to become an Elemental Oracle?

The old world is crumbling, are you ready to birth the new one?

This journey is for you if:

  • You want to activate your creative gifts
  • You want to feel abundant with energy 
  • You want to call in a long-term life-upgrade
  • You want to awaken your deep biomantic intuition  
  • You know Mother Earth is the source of Wisdom
  • You want to use these current times as a catalyst 
  • You are committed to your own transformation

Your Tuition Includes:

  • Oct 3rd: The Alchemical Science of Rebirth
    2-hour Online Workshop + wisdom immersion
  • Oct 17th: Elemental Wisdom – Awakening Body Magic
    2-hour Online Workshop + wisdom immersion
  • Week 1 – Re-Conception Journey, starts Oct 4th 
  • Guided deep psyche journey to re-imprint your conception
  • Week 2 – Elemental Rebirth through Air, starts Oct 11th 
    Guided audio biomantic journey held in your own space 
  • Week 3 – Elemental Rebirth through Water, starts Oct 18th 
    Guided audio biomantic journey held in your own space 
  • Week 4 – Elemental Rebirth through Fire, starts Oct 25th 
    Guided audio biomantic journey held in your own space
  • Week 5 – Elemental Rebirth through Earth, starts Nov 1st 
    Guided audio biomantic journey held in your own space
  • Completion – Elemental Quantum Rebirth Ceremony, Nov 6th
    Guided audio biomantic rebirth ceremony held in your own space
  • Replay links sent out if you miss the live workshops
    All audio journeys are yours to keep forever as biomantic rebirth tools
  • Online community on a beautiful boutique vocational media site  
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About Elemental Rebirth & Biomancy

Weaving together over 25 years experience in the alchemical sciences and feminine wisdom traditions, Dr Azra Bertrand MD, founder of Biomancy, shares a precise map of alchemical embodiment, to activate and awaken the dynamic radiance of Elemental Awakening – the embodiment the primal-cosmic life force that animates all living things, making us fully alive and ensouled. An award-winning author, teacher, healer and visionary natural philosopher, Dr Bertrand offers a new vision of cellular and spiritual renewal based on the secret teachings of biomagical wisdom, presented through the teaching curriculum of Biomancy University.

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"We were created to be wild beings filled with elemental power and wisdom. The elemental essences are primordial creative intelligences and powers that have existed for billions of years and live on inside us, waiting for us to claim their incredible holographic and magical quantum wisdom.”

~ Dr Azra Bertrand

Dr Azra Bertrand, MD spent over a decade as a leading holistic and alchemical physician. He holds a degree in biochemistry, and a graduate degree in medicine from Duke University, followed by a three-year residency training, and a three-year Apprenticeship in cutting edge holistic healing arts. He also spent two years at the National Institute of Health in the USA working on research to understand how emotions impact behavior and biology.

Dr Bertrand also trained for three years in Wilhelm Reich's lineage of bioenergetic, body-centric therapy, learning how to heal trauma, and awaken the vitality of the physical and subtle bodies, in order to re-inhabit our natural birthright of biomantic radiant aliveness.

The groundbreaking work of Dr Azra Bertrand has been described by some of the world's leading spiritual luminaries as, "a revelation and extraordinary gift" and "wisdom that will be shared for generations to come".

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Elemental Rebirth 5 Week-Course

Includes live tuition, weekly practices, and online community*


Elemental Oracle

Tuition + Practices + 3 Pod Calls*


Elemental Alchemist Package

Also includes 3 personal mentoring sessions with Azra Bertrand*


Elemental World Weaver Package

Tuition + Practices + 3 Pod Calls* + 3 Sessions with Azra Bertrand

* The Elemental Rebirth 5-Week Course will include an online community hub shared through Mighty Networks for you to connect each other

* Pod calls are with Dr Azra Bertrand and up to 8 other course participants to journey through bio-magic meditations, receive oracles, share a journey together and receive direct contact, support & integration in your Biomancy experience

* Private sessions with Dr Azra Bertrand last 1 hour and 15 minutes and are only available to course participants of the Elemental Rebirth journey

Is this course right for you? This course helps you return to the wombtime of your origins, inside your mother’s womb, to reclaim the primal energies that exist at a deeper level than any limitations of your birth mother, and are your birthright to claim – no matter what emotional/social conditions you were born into. This journey is not a healing of childhood trauma or reconciliation with any mother/child bonding trauma, although these imprints may emerge for healing. Elemental Rebirth is a bioenergetic re-templating of your core energy fields, so that no matter what your historical life circumstances, you can access the elemental energies of life force that are here to empower and guide you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone will receive a replay of the live workshops to download

The elemental journeys will take 30 minutes 3 times a week (ideal minimum, but recommended to do them every day for maximum effect)

If you have severe childhood trauma, please consult with your psychotherapist or health provider, as this is deep subconscious work 

No, you will receive a recording of the workshop. But for maximum effect, and to ask questions and share it’s recommended to attend if possible.

You will need a journal to write down your oracle messages from your journeys, and to record dreams, messages, visions, insights and symbols 

On the live workshops there will be opportunities for questions and sharings. If you sign up to Pod Calls (which are only available to students on the course, and cost additional to the course fee) you receive direct feedback. 

If you have a question that has not been answered please email me at [email protected]