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Study Biomancy

Study Biomancy


Biomancy University is an educational template of holistic reconnection to the biomagic of our body, and the hidden world of nature that is part of our spiritual ecosystem. Studying Biomancy will awaken your quantum biology so you can activate the innate, regenerative radiance of life force energy, which is your birthright, and reweave yourself into the living intelligence of Gaia. Biomancy is a scientific-magical path that is a new emergence of primal alchemy for our times. Are you ready to awaken the magic? 

It is Time to Reconnect,
Regenerate, Root Into the Future

Biomancy University immerses you in the wisdom of these intersected disciplines:

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Awakening the regenerative bio-magic within our bodies

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Reconnecting to the primordial intelligence of ecological Earth systems

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Opening to the transmissions of vast cosmic intelligences

The Living Wisdom of Earth is Calling You to:

  • Fully embody your radiant life force energy
  • Rebirth yourself through elemental wisdom
  • Heal through your innate regenerative power within
  • Become an alchemical healer for yourself & others
  • Receive scientific knowledge to support your path
  • Reconnect to your intuitive body wisdom
  • Develop your magical senses & psychic abilities
  • Activate your energy body and connect it to Gaia
  • Understand embodied ecology & plant magic
  • Commune with the cycles of body, earth, cosmos
  • Become an Earth Oracle for Biomantic Wisdom

Biomancy Global Monthly Membership Program

More than ever, this is the time to amplify and restore our connections. The Biomancy Global Monthly Membership Program will be an inspirational and evolutionary space to connect with others around the world on a unique, beautifully designed boutique vocational media site called ‘The Great Weave’, where you will have your own personal profile page called ‘Your Weave’, plus entrance to a Biomancer gathering space where you can connect and share. Every month there will be an online Biomancy gathering for two hours, hosted by Dr Azra Bertrand, where you will enter a group oracular field to receive gnosis, share, and dream in a new future. You will also receive additional spontaneous offerings from the Biomancy universe. Launches on Equinox September 22nd.

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Biomancy Online Courses

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Biomancy 5-week immersion

Awakening Body Magic

This alchemical immersion into deep embodiment will reveal the secrets of the universe – both inner and outer, from the quantum level to the cosmic level. You will immerse in the sacred sciences of sound, remember the primordial templates that birth your reality, and understand on a deeper level the true nature of reality, and the quantum energy that manifests all life. In a wisdom-packed dive into the hidden secrets of bio-magic and alchemy, you will discover the gifts of your fluid body, enter new doorways into plant magic, remember embodied ecology, and be guided into your intuitive intelligence, the somatic consciousness that is a billion times smarter than your thinking mind, which will guide you into a life in tune with earth’s resonance.

Next Course Starts February 6th 2022

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Elemental Rebirth

The Alchemy of Embodiment

Weaving together cutting-edge science of our wombtime origins, with a deeply transformative journey of elemental rebirth, this five-week immersion will activate your original primordial bioenergy templates – awakening the magical regenerative powers of your innate quantum biology. Your body has an innate Biomantic Template that is designed to be a vessel for the vast universal energies and intelligence of creation. The Elements are the original powers that formed the basis of the earth – and your body template. You were originally infused with these energies in your mother’s womb, but may not have fully embodied them. It is time to ignite them, claim your magic to thrive and shine, and rebirth into your original elemental power.

Next Course Starts October 3rd 2021

Biomancy University Studies

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Coming in 2022

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Coming in 2022

Biomancy 2022 Alchemist Program

This exclusive and in-depth, once-in-a-lifetime training Includes:

  • Biomancy University Diploma (3-months)
  • Plant Mystery School (2-months)
  • Elemental Rebirth (1-month)
  • Biomancy Immersion Retreat (1 week, in person training)
  • Private Mentorship with Dr Azra Bertrand
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