Equinox Calling!
Circadian Light Alchemy For Transformation!


Tues, Sept. 19th

FREE Ceremony: 2.00 - 3.30pm EDT 
PAID Masterclass: 3.30 - 5.30pm EDT 

Live on Zoom (replays available)

Equinox (either Spring or Fall) is a powerful time to receive Light Nutrition and reset your Circadian rhythm and mitochondria - for healing, vitality and manifestation.

In the powerful 2-hour Circadian Alchemy workshop, you'll learn how to cultivate your alchemical connection to the power of sunlight and natural darkness - the organic light-dark continuum that your chronobiology is finely attuned to, regulating all your systems.

You will also receive the know-how to profoundly upgrade the well-being of your Electromagnetic Biome and plug into the benefits - physically and spiritually - of Circadian magic. 

Your Electromagnetic Biome is the quality of your magnetic energy field that entangles and grounds light nutrition into your body. We all receive sunlight every day (even if it's cloudy) but not everyone can ground it into their biology in a deeply healing way.

Sola-Terra Alchemy (the interplay of Earth/Sun energy)  is the future of somatic healing and creative magic. Our Ancestors held this knowledge as essential to human health.

Magnetic coherence + light = health and spiritual power.

If your magnetic biome is polluted, much like degenerated soil or a leaky gut, you cannot receive and absorb the power of solar light energy. Regenerative body magic grounds us into the magnetic energy fields of earth (darkness) and nourishes us with radiant solar light.

Most people’s magnetic terrain and ability to absorb light is very depleted, which causes degradation to our biomagical systems, including autoimmune disease, thyroid issues, chronic fatigue, and a loss of radiance, energy, vitality, aliveness, and causes the temporary shutdown of subtle intuitive powers of wisdom , creativity and healing.

Circadian magic heals the body, re-sets your cellular body clocks,  and re-awakens your co-creative biomantic powers of manifestation and magic. 

  • Your hormonal and immune systems are  programmed for the next 6 months at the time of Equinox. This time is a crucial portal of body magic transformation.

  • Your Electromagnetic Biome sets the blueprint for your entire well-being, energy & creative power. Metaphysical magnetism also governs our ability to  manifest.

  • Most chronic illness & energy depletion (thyroid, fatigue, weight gain) is about ‘light lifestyle’ and magnetic energy depletion and pollution, not diet or exercise.

  • The next 2 weeks are a 'time garden' where you must plant your seeds of intention for the next 6 months so you can grow and evolve into the highest vision of yourself.

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It 's Time to Receive the Light

The Equinox portal and the 7 days after equinox is when all this important light nutrition is stored in your body at a cellular level.

Our FREE Equinox Light Alchemy Event is an opportunity to come together and harness the collective energy of the magical portal of Equinox, with downloads on the importance of your chronobiology and circadian patterning, and an ancestral ceremony that will 'time travel' you into a zone of Light Alchemy.

Join us for this FREE gathering to:

  • Receive an introduction to the power of Equinox & Ancestral Wisdom of Time Magic
  • Understand the wisdom of your quantum Chronobiology that is entangled in time
  • Learn a Biomantic breathwork practice to infuse the Light Nutrition of the Sun
  • Experience a powerful Ancestral Equinox Ceremony for multidimensional healing

You can also join us for a special paid-for coaching masterclass afterwards....

During the Circadian Masterclass, Dr. Bertrand will guide you through:

Introduction to Circadian Health, Healing & Alchemy as the key to your body magic

  • Why your hormonal and immune systems are being set for the next 6 months at the Equinox portal - and what this means for you in practical and magical ways
  • Why your Electromagnetic Biome sets the blueprint for your entire wellbeing, energy & creative power - and how to 'ancestralize' your magnetic blueprint
  • How most chronic illness & energy depletion (thyroid, fatigue, weight gain) is about ‘light lifestyle’ not diet or exercise - and simple shifts that can create huge results 

Feminine energy, cycles, attuning to the light/darkspectrum

  • Discover why women are 50% more attuned to light/dark cycles as innate circadian alchemists, and how to harness these feminine energetics and cyclical power
  • Learn how children’s sleep, growth and nervous system depends on their Electromagnetic Biome and their light/dark continuum and how to 'reset' their biomagic
  • Explore why your digestion & immune system is more dependent on magnetism and light nutrition than food, supplements and diets - and how to work with this

Circadian Magic & Your Electro-Magnetic Biome Reset

  • Mircro-practices to easily work with your daily circadian cycles in the modern world
  • The key ways you can cycle with the seasons of your chronobiology to heal & thrive 
  • Simple ways to shift your lifestyle and home to heal your electromagnetic biome

Equinox Light Alchemy Vision Quest

  • At Equinox, we receive the energy codes or ‘instruction manual’ for our evolution over the next 6 months - if we take the time to make this visionary connection
  • During the workshop, you will create a ‘time map’ for the next 6 months, including Solstice, to define the seeds of transformation you are going to plant and grow
  • You will go on a visionary journey to receive the ‘spirit download’ of how to manifest your key dreams and intentions into your life in the next 6 months 
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