Biomancy Immersion

Awakening Body Magic

Presented by Dr Azra Bertrand, founder of Biomancy

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Biomancy 1-Year Immersion

12 months of self study, monthly live classes, and community

Starts on the 1st May, 2023

A new work called ‘Biomancy’ is emerging into the world, which is a beautiful and powerful synthesis of Dr Azra Bertrand’s 20+ years of experience in the scientific, embodiment, healing and mystical realms. Biomancy is the way of the future; where we reclaim the powerful biological magic within our bodies, our psyches and our ecology. Biomancy integrates the forbidden knowledge of the high scientists, magicians and alchemists, with the embodied feminine essence, flowing through all of us, when we truly switch on our organic magical power.

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Join our Biomancy 12-month immersion now 

  • Are you ready to open into a stunning world of bio-magic? 
  • Do you want to learn cutting edge alchemical sacred science? 
  • Do you want to switch on the regenerative magic of your body? 
  • Do you want to immerse in a work that co-weaves with Gaia? 
  • Do you feel called to learn the secrets of energy healing templates? 
  • Are you called to become an oracle for the future of Mother Earth? 
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Activate Elemental Power

This incredible new work of Biomancy has already been described as ‘life changing’, containing a huge amount of ‘genius’, and helping people to feel more in tune with their body and the natural world. The journey takes you from the center of the cosmos, and to the center of your own being, to embody the primordial powers of creation.


Learn the alchemical secrets of:

  • The magical wisdom in your body
  • The power of your Bio-energy field
  • Sound alchemy and cellular healing
  • Biomantic templates that rebirth you
  • Plant magic and Elemental wisdom
  • Quantum magic of your Fluid Body
  • Practices to restore your nervous system 

This year Dr Bertrand is calling for those who know they wish to be part of a renewing ancient knowledge that merges scientific knowledge with feminine knowing, to birth new oracles. It is time to activate our true power.

Your Tuition Includes:

  • 12 monthly live online Biomancy Workshops
  • Membership of the Great Weave online community
  • An alchemical library of self-study resources
  • 6 modules on the core Biomancy Teachings
  • Video tutorials on daily biomantic practices
  • Bonus material on Alchemica Sophia & Planetary Consciousness
  • Opportunities to share your journey and ask questions
  •  A Certification of Completion 
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"Learning from the wisdom of Dr. Azra Bertrand has transformed my life. The alchemy of Biomancy activated parts of me that felt stagnant and awakened the field of love in my body once again. The embodiment practices of connecting back to Gaia Sophia has brought my body back to life force energy. I feel like a tree of life receiving downloads from the Sun and uploads from the Earth channeling ancient wisdom. Once this magic is activated there’s no turning back!"

Evamaria, Health Coach

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Biomancy is full of practical magic and knowledge; helping people to reconnect to their own inner knowing and the healing magic within their own bodies; this biomagic is our birthright. A deep field of natural intelligence is calling to you - can you feel it? We need to initiate our own magic and activate our deep wisdom.

This work is for everyone and can be applied succesfully to your daily life: your health, your sense of connection and wellbeing, your relationships, your career or vocation, and your felt sense of belonging here on Earth.

This journey will connect you into your deep knowing, awaken your body senses and intelligence, root you into the body of earth, connect you into your soul potential, and awaken a profound awareness of a glittering embodied magic that inhabits all the diversity of life.

You will also receive a fascinating and accessible education in the latest cutting-edge science that is starting to explain why teachings from spirituals paths across the world are based in biological and quantum scientific reality. This knowledge of bio magic was practiced by the Alchemists, and is still unfolding today.

You have amazing powers hidden within you.

If we do not know what lives within us, or how our bodies really work, how can we call upon the deep wisdom available to us? We were born magical, and now is the time we reclaim it. At the roots, our reality is unified; our psyche, body, environment, ecology, and cosmology are entangled within our own potential.

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"Azra is like the universal Akashic of knowledge. He is able to tap into the elementals, source and the divine within himself to transcend the class and his students. His soft approach gives a warm and humbling experience within a safe container for all to learn. He leads us back in the primordial waters of our divinity. He is an excellent teacher, mentor and craftsman. Thank you Azra…."

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Biomancy as an art and science has come directly from the soul and bioenergy field of Gaia, our mother planet. It has been transmitting over years, often shared directly through inspiration, intuition and 'big dreams' received from the world soul, that reveal an emerging wisdom.

At the start of 2020 during the worldwide ‘lockdowns,’ Dr Azra Bertrand, and his wife and co-creatrix Seren Bertrand retreated inwards and lay on the earth every day for 2 months to receive her oracle wisdom for the future world to come, knowing it was time to listen.

The Biomancy vision emerged as a direct result of this communion. Earth wishes for us to reconnect to our bodies and to her, and to understand our place in her world. We are in an unprecedented time of shifts and our body knows the way. Life's sacred essence is awakening.

The Biomancy work is led by Dr Azra Bertrand, but has been co-visioned with Seren Bertrand, with roots deep in the feminine mysteries of Sophia, including Earth- centered body maps, and the arts of feminine body magic. The Biomancy vision is ‘Rooted into the Future’ – it includes many aspects of ancient ways and titles; shamanism, wizards, witches, druids, seers, alchemists, priestesses, whilst renewing these old traditions and placing them firmly in the present-future, where we now have to walk wisely. It is time to bridge into a new future.

A Biomancer has embodied their bio magic, amplified their oracular psychic powers, and opened their quantum biology. Biomancy is open to all people, from all traditions, and is our evolutionary human birthright.

Never has there been a better time to understand and initiate our inner powers of magic!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone will receive a replay of the live workshops to download

Each live workshop will be a 2 hours per week,  with a daily biomantic energy practice that takes 10-20 minutes, but which you can fit around your scheddule. 

This work is suitable for people with deep emotional trauma, but it is always best to check in with a supportive professional. 

No, you will receive a recording of the workshop. But for maximum effect, and to ask questions and share it’s recommended to attend if possible.

You are recommended to have a notebook or personal journal for the journey  

On the live workshops there will be opportunities for questions and sharings. If you sign up to Pod Calls (which are only available to students on the course, and cost additional to the course fee) you receive direct feedback. 

If you have a question that has not been answered please email me at [email protected]

Download a 13-page Course Brochure