Biomantic Awakening

The Alchemy of Body Magic

With Dr Azra Bertrand, Founder of Biomancy University

Biomantic Awakening

The Alchemy of Body Magic

With Dr Azra Bertrand, Founder of Biomancy University

Free 2-Day Online Retreat

Biomantic Secrets to Trauma Healing & Awakening

Day 1: Healing—Restoring Body Wealth After Trauma

Day 2: Awakening—The Yoga of Biomantic Energy Maps

Join us for a free 2-day Biomancy Awakening magical gathering, where we dive into the core teachings of Biomancy, Body Magic and how alchemical wisdom and body maps can assist trauma resolution, and the awakening of our primordial life force, vitality, and radiance.

During the weekend virtual retreat, we will explore how Biomantic Awakening shares a new vision of healing, wellbeing and magical living. Each 1-hour online class will bring a new key so you can discover new ways to amplify your journey of healing and alchemical embodiment.


Join us for a Weekend of Wisdom

Join us for a free 2-day Biomancy Awakening Workshop, where we open to the spiritual and biomagical gifts that live within you, and are waiting for you to unlock the door to your deepest potentials. Ancient healing and magic traditions have held secret maps to magical awakening.

Awaken Your Body Magic

Biomancy is a new vision of embodied healing and reconnection to the magic of life, rooted in ancient wisdom that honored Earth, cosmos and the full ecology of life. Our multi-dimensional nature is as much ecological and biological as it is spiritual and energetic; it includes the innerworlds of our human-earth-body-ecology, which weaves together in a pathway of magic.

By awakening into our body magic we achieve the great weave of alchemical embodiment. In traditions across the world, this knowledge helped weave people back into the ecology of the Earth, the cosmogeny of the greater Universe, and the magical physiology of their own body

In practical terms it restores the body back to original cellular and quantum templates, which resets the nervous system and other physiological biospheres and resolves trauma imprints (which are often rooted in biomagic beyond the psychology of emotions). It also awakens the hidden potentials of Mitochondria and Stem Cells so the body itself – the magic door of our physical form – becomes a portal for new evolutionary cycles of awakened consciousness.

Biomantic Awakening: Learn More About….

Why disrupted bio-templates perpetuate trauma response

Why we need to learn the biomagical language of the body

Why reconnecting energy paths in the body awakens vitality

Why Mitochondria is a mystical mother on the path of awakening

Join the Free Biomantic Awakening Online Retreat

Over a weekend of wisdom we will join together to plant new seeds of magic.

Plus, we will gather together and share in a ‘pop-up’ FB group

Class 1: Biomantic Trauma Healing
Friday 22nd April, 2pm EDT

Restore your body wealth after trauma with bio-magic


Class 2: Bio-Magical Awakening
Saturday 23rd April, 2pm EDT

Discover a biomantic "yoga" of embodied awakening


Can’t join us live?

That’s fine, as we will be sending replay links after every class

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Biomancy awakens the secret magic in your body and the Earth, it is the future of medicine and magic. Read more here.

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