A monthly membership of cyclical time magic, embodiment & healing

Starts July 1st

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light alchemist master class, tues sept 19, 3:30pm edt
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Biomancy University Presents: Star Magic

If you have loved the body magic and eco magic of the Biomancy world, Astromancy is going to light you up - literally!

We will be gathering together every month to weave threads of sunlight, moonlight and starlight into our bodies & the dragon lines of Earth - as our ancestors have done for thousands of years.

This is not an ordinary astrology membership...

It’s a mind-blowing mix of circadian, circalunar, and circannual time magic, combined with tropical, sidereal AND draconic (ecliptic) astrology, to reconnect YOU to organic time.

It's grounded in the science of how the cosmos, stars, moon, sun, planets DEEPLY affects your chronobiology, body, brain, hormones, nervous system, psyche, and layers of bioenergy.

This membership is ALL about embodiment - landing the stars & planets in your soma and psyche with monthly ceremony, guided practices, breathwork and journeys connected to auspicious stellar and planetary events.

We’ll be tapping into the hidden path of evolutionary magic where the movements of the heavenly bodies lead to our awakening, reviving the actual spiritual practices of our Ancestors who were devoted to weaving earth, body, and cosmos in time.

We are offering a special founder's discount (save up to 40%) between now and June 21st, to celebrate our launch!

azra bertrand bathing in the sunshine

Meet The Founder, Dr. Azra Bertrand

☀️ Multi-Award Winning Author & Producer

☀️ Pioneering Physician & Alchemical Guide

☀️ 25 Years in Light Medicine, Earth Medicine & Body Magic

☀️ Founder of Biomancy University

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Bonuses: 2 days of solstice ceremony and celestial wisdom

Folks who sign up to the Astromancy Membership before Solstice will also receive access to the June 20 Live Solstice Workshop on "Time Magic, Circadian Biology & Entering into Organic Time", 2pm EDT. (This is separate from the free Solstice Ancestral Ceremony on June 19)

Plus ++ When you register, you'll receive a special pineal gland & melatonin activating Eco Somatic journey to awaken your circadian biology.


Over the last year I’ve had the privilege of studying under Azra Bertrand to deepen my knowledge of circadian magic, sun and earth magic, body magic and so much more. Azra’s knowledge and passion have truly transformed my life - allowing me to harness my powers in new ways and to live with more intention and harmony with the land and the beings around me. For anyone seeking to elevate their mind, body and soul in relationship with Mother Gaia I highly recommend Azra’s wisdom.

danielle paige

- Danielle Paige
Intuitive Astrologer, Consciousness Guide & Host of Cosmic Body Podcast

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This is the membership for you if you want to:

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Learn how to bring the energies of the sun, the moon, the planets & the stars into your biology and energy body - weaving your
"alchemical body" and taking your magic to the next level

pink moon

Understand how to work with your circadian biology, light-dark cycles and the foundational energies of the solstice, equinox and eclipses - to amplify your health, energy levels, serotonin, melatonin, mitochondria, hormonal health, radiance & beyond

pink moon

Go beyond "sun sign" focused astrology to learn how to work with and interpret planetary, lunar and stellar events from a much wider lens

pink moon

Learn how to directly communicate with the intelligence of the planets and star beings - a practice of "star whispering", becoming a star oracle

pink moon

Work with draconic astrology and Eclipse transformational energy, and the north and south nodes of telos and soul destiny

pink moon

Build your own comprehensive library of planetary and circadian meditations to keep and repeat

pink moon

And, take this journey with a group of dedicated, like-hearted, like-souled folks in a powerful field of group magic that will support your process

10th constallation capricorn

Time magic will change your life

Each cell in our body has a clock fine tuned to perceive the movement of the earth, sun, moon, planets and stars. It is called chronobiology. This membership is unique in the world and will have a profound effect on the way time influences your life, body, mood, & your nervous system.

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Your Astromancy monthly membership includes:

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A monthly live class and ceremony around key astromantic dates and events, led by Dr Azra Bertrand, to anchor you in organic time

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A guided meditation and breathwork practice each month

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Replays and guided journeys to keep and download

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Weekly emails and audio notes to keep you up to date with what’s happening in the skies from a tropical AND sidereal (and Vedic) perspective, so you can harness the cycles of time for your benefit

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Cosmic deep dives on lesser known astrological wisdom such as draconic astrology, fixed stars, planetary meanings, black holes, dark matter, symbology, mythology, archeoastronomy and sacred sites.

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A curated online community space to connect, and share.

This is a leading edge revolutionary container. There is nothing else like it on the planet!

Become a founding member either on an annual or monthly plan

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($924, 50% saving ends June 21st*)

Annual Astromancy Membership

You can cancel the auto-renewal at any time.

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($77, 15% saving ends June 21st*)

Monthly Astromancy Membership

You can cancel the auto-renewal at any time.

*Compared to regular monthly pricing that begins June 22

*Compared to regular monthly pricing that begins June 22

And, as a founder, your membership will be renewed at these same prices!