Biodelics Immersion 7-Day Online Retreat

Unlock your body’s natural psychedelic pathways to healing


Dr Azra Bertrand

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Join us for a 7-day immersive online retreat into the transformative world of Biodelics - to activate your inner psychedelic pathways. 

This ground-breaking Biodelics Immersion features 10 hours of in-depth education, including 3 live workshops with Dr Azra Bertrand and 2 embodiment classes with guest teachers, sharing Biodelic practice.

You will receive lifetime access to all replays and PDF presentations, as well as Biodelic embodiment practices, daily email prompts, and access to a vibrant global community of pioneering healing visionaries.

5 Life-Changing Online Workshops in 7 Days
(Live Classes, 12th, 14th, 15th, 17th, 18th)

Can’t make it live? After each class, video and audio recordings are available to download and watch anytime, plus transcripts. 

Welcome to Biodelics - Video

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Biomancy University

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What are Biodelics?


Biodelics are 'body psychedelics', the inner psychoactive molecules in our body that expand our consciousness, and reveal the magical nature of reality. 

Most of us are familiar with psychedelics and plant medicine, and their potential for healing, awakening, and creativity. 

But did you know that your body is naturally psychedelic, if you know how to switch it on? 

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New scientific research is showing us that psychedelic states of consciousness have a profound ability to heal us, and bring us into peak well-being and creativity.

But have you ever wondered why we experience such profound shifts in consciousness when we take psychoactive plant compounds?

Is this magic an accident of evolution, or a coincidence? Of course not!

The truth is, our bodies are biodelic. We’re neurologically designed for psychedelic experience. Our bodies contain an inner psychedelic pharmacopeia of endogenous DMT, endorphins, endo-cannabinoids, and other hormonal healers.

Psychedelic comes from Greek word roots and means soul-opening experiences. We are in a crisis of soul meaning. Biodelics bring us back into the soul of Mother Earth.

We’re naturally psychedelic and biodelic beings, wired for healing and creative visionary experiences! The gateway to our creative consciousness is inside our body. 

And while plant medicine and psychedelics can teach us how to activate consciousness-altering events, there is a huge untapped potential within us, calling us to remember and reclaim our innate and sovereign Biodelic capacities.

Are you ready to open your biodelic doorways of perception?


“Our own bodies are the visionary medicine and magic we’ve been waiting for.”

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Do you sense you have untapped psychic powers?

Discover how your biology is designed to generate psychic experience and bring you messages from the quantum realms for guidance

Your Wisdom Keys

Discover the sacred science and latest research on the healing path of Biodelics.

During the Biodelics Retreat, you will learn about:

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    How our body is innately wired for visionary and biodelic experiences

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    How plants and psychedelics work on our neural networks and nervous systems

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    The latest neuro-endocrine studies on the nature of our psychedelic bio-pathways

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    The psychedelic experiences that heal and those that don't

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    Four key practices to unlock our biodelic healing potentials

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Step into the World of Biodelia

Over the course of our 7-day immersion, you will explore how to practically apply the magic (and power) of Biodelics to the realms of…


Access exciting new perspectives, innovative ideas, and your next level of creativity by drawing on the natural Biodelic substances and perception-altering pathways in your body.

Health & Radiance

Understand the healing role of Biodelics in embodying optimum health, vitality, and well-being. Tap into your innate capacity for healing and regeneration.

Trauma Healing

Discover a new framework for trauma healing and why Biodelics bring on a revolution in mental health and holistic healing. Learn time-honored practices to activate your biodelic pathways safely, wisely, and effectively.

Spiritual Awakening

Deepen your intuition, amplify your magic, and learn how to prime your biology for visionary experience. Discover the lineages and ancestral traditions behind Biodelics.

Earth Magic

Root into your bio-magic (the magic within your body), and connect with the plant world and the dreaming of Gaia on a new octave.

“Our body is naturally ‘psychedelic’ (soul opening) when we open the right doorways.”


Do you want to be more connected to your intuition?

Simple biodelic daily practices can regulate and reconnect you to a web of magical knowledge and wisdom in your body and in nature


What people are saying about
Biomancy University

"Dr. Azra Bertrand teaches with a contagious passion, holistic wisdom, and lots of fun. He integrates many branches of wisdom from medicine, science and history to shamanism, mysticism, and alchemy. The collective medicine of Biomancy for me is that it's totally inclusive and wildly visionary. It invites us to embrace our shared group evolution and greatest personal potential."

 “I’m learning what I've always wanted to know, yet never had the words to describe. My entire body, mind and soul is bursting with joy. The wisdom of Biomantic Awakening is giving me a sense of just how much of a paradigm shift is happening right before my eyes. This is truly an exceptional class, thank you so much for bringing this wavelength into our consciousness.”

Jessica Galante, Healer

"I believe Biomancy is at the forefront of the future of Science and Bio-Magic, and I want to be there for it! The work and wisdom of Dr. Azra Bertrand is brilliant, he holds a beautiful container for these sacred teachings. He bridges science and mysticism so eloquently, truly unique. Biomancy gives me hope for the future.”

Gloria, Filmmaker - India & USA


Who is This For?

This 7-day online retreat is designed for healing practitioners, therapists, artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, psychonauts, and anyone who is deeply interested in psychedelics, plant medicine, somatics, trauma healing, and visionary awakening.

This intensive study week will help you learn what your body is capable of, and for healing professionals, how to best work with and support people in this exciting new field of Biodelics, and to understand our psychedelic biology in an accessible way.

If you practice or teach plant medicine, psychedelics, somatics, yoga, breath work, body and womb activation or trauma healing, this course will be essential wisdom.

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Why Now?

Biodelics are bringing on a revolution of consciousness, inviting us into a new level of embodiment and magic. We need to understand our own innate power. 

The truth is that our body is Biodelic — within our very biology we have psychoactive substances and neuro-endocrine pathways that can alter our consciousness, create visionary soul-opening experience, and bring us healing medicine from deep inside the 'mind of nature' within us.

Often plant medicine is a bridge helping us to become Biodelic.

Isn't it time we open the doorway of our own Biodelic experience, and learn how to curate healing magic within our own body chemistry?

Tapping into Biodelics is the equivalent of ‘microdosing’ through our own endocrine alchemy, without always needing to take consciousness-altering plants.

We self-generate a vast array of biodelics - endogenous psychoactive peptides, neurotransmitters (including DMT) – that turn down our sensory gating (reality filters), and open our doors of perception, so we can commune with the infinite.

We have an ecstatic, visionary biology.

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Your Biodelics Retreat Schedule

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Biodelics Workshop 1, Nov 12

Learn about the magic of Psychedelics and Biodelics....

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    The healing magic that psychedelic and biodelic medicine bring

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    How psychedelics activate your physiology for altered consciousness

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    Discover the key ideas of the new science of psychedelic trauma healing

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    Receive Gaia and the plant world’s message for our personal and collective evolution, and why Biodelics is in synchrony with earth 


Biodelics Workshop 2, Nov 14

Learn about the multi-dimensional experiences of Biodelics....

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    Discover the brain states that generate Biodelic visions, and understand the role of cerebellar and symbolic consciousness

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    The 4 keys of Biodelia - somatic, elemental, circadian, psychic

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    Biodelics and our neuro endocrinology of light in trauma healing

  • yellow key 01

    How elemental and earth synchrony amplify Biodelic experiences

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Biodelics Workshop 3, Nov 17

Embody the path of Biodelics and hold space for others...

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    Create a container for Biodelic experiences that heal, not harm

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    How to integrate psychedelic and biodelic experience to get the deepest, long-term healing (physical, emotional, spiritual)

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    The role of lineage, ancestors, reverence and epigenetic memory

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    How to work with the cyclical Feminine Body and lunar Biodelia

Biodelic IxCacao Journey with Anabel Vizcarra

anabel vizcarra

Embodiment Class 1

Join a community of Biodelic explorers on a live experiential journey and ceremony with IxCacao, and learn how to embody the magic of rooting into the webs of wisdom that carry the new Dream of Gaia, and uncover your rebirth keys. Discover the secrets of the plants that live inside your body. 

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Biodelic Breathwork journey with Nat Love

natalie zukerman

Embodiment Class 2

Join a live community experience of Biodelic Breathwork where you gently open your sensory gating and activate your magical energy centers with a visionary breathwork technique. Discover how to weave your breath into the magnetic field of earth and the solar radiance of the light of the sun.  


Join the Biodelics 7-Day Online Retreat

Your Biodelics Immersion Retreat includes:

  • 3 live workshops with Dr. Azra Bertrand
  • 2 live embodiment classes with guest teachers,
  • Sharing Biodelic practice in community
  • A total of 10 hours in-depth tuition, education, and practice
  • Lifetime access to replays, PDF presentations, transcripts, and audios
  • All Biodelic replay videos can be translated into Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Biodelic embodiment practices
  • Daily email prompts
  • Access to a vibrant global community of Biodelic explorers and pioneers
The investment for the 7-day online retreat is:


Or 3 payments of $200 over 3 months

Before the course begins, full refunds are available within 7 days of purchase, minus bank fees. After 7 days, or after the course begins, payments are non-refundable, but can be transferred to future courses. See terms.

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About Your
Biodelics Guides

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Dr Azra Bertrand

Dr Azra Bertrand, MD is the Founder of Biomancy University, where he teaches about Biomancy and the potential of Biodelics as a natural visionary healing path.

He graduated from Duke University School of Medicine, and has a degree in bio-chemistry. His studies extended from family and relationship psychotherapy to neuro-science and clinical hypnosis – where he was personally trained in the power of the subconscious by Holly Forester-Miller PhD, who had major abdominal surgery under hypnosis without any anesthetic. He also spent a year engaged in primary research at the National Institute of Health Primate Centre (NIH), observing primate behavior and its relation to the neuro-endocrine system, which gave him unique insights into healing and how we can regenerate through innate biomagic.

In his quest to explore the realms of body magic, he immersed in studying Core Energetics for 4 years, including a 2-year teacher training course. This form of body-based psychotherapy was taught by Dr John Pierrakos, MD, a student of Wilhelm Reich MD who was also a peer of Carl Jung, and pioneer of somatic therapy. Dr Bertrand also studied breath work in the lineage of Stanislov Grof, and has spent decades merging science, magic, and body to switch on our innate Biodelic healing.

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Anabel is an embodiment and transformation coach, focused on reclaiming the power of feminine energetics and weaving shadow work with quantum genetic healing and awakening. She has a deep connection to IxCacao, and her ancestral medicine.

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Natalie is the founder of the Institute of Feminine Arts, a global online school of feminine empowerment, who has travelled the world studying indigenous shamanic healing arts, and teaches people how to switch on their own body magic and access oracular gnosis and healing.

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Do you know you have healing powers within you?

Often illness or emotional trauma can activate powerful Biodelic self-healing pathway within our body if we tune into our innate magic.


What people are saying about
Biomancy University

"This is the most sophisticated, mindful, online school platform I have ever experienced"

"After the Biomancy course my relationship with Nature went deeper than I could even imagine. In deep gratitude for the deep reverence of our bodies and the bio connection to mother Earth."

Matthew Bloemetje, South African Sangoma, Zulu Shaman

"Every reading, class, teaching, sharing and interaction is awakening me and the sacred wise medicine woman that I am. I am loving it all. And I am in constant gratitude for this journey."


Biomancy - Our Future


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